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diamonds and warheads

I’ll keep things short.

Went to Kino yesterday. Shit is expensive. No books bought.

Went to CM after that, had a nice conversation with Man of Gasoline Grenade and the man (no pun intended, sirs) behind the Pelan-Pelan & Bilik Gerakan expo at Annexe. Touched on his art, life and topics such as nationalism, racism and anarchism. Well-spoken man, he is. Booked one of the t-shirts, too. I got the “Pelan Cap Melayu” one, which I am sure will cause a few people to look at me oddly. Who cares.

Spent half an hour (maybe more) lounging around at the Pasar Seni LRT station because trains heading to KJ were full of people and we (me and my friend) didn’t feel like riding in packed-as-fuck trains. Eventually had to, though, but the train we got on wasn’t as packed as the trains we decided to miss. Took lots of photos. None of them really feel that good, but maybe I’ll upload a few.

My head nearly always hurts these days.

I also noticed that there is something incredibly disturbing about the movie Léon. You get halfway through it, enjoying it, before you realize that Natalie Portman is quite hot and that, yes, you would bone a 12-year old girl if it was her. Let’s just say that those aren’t very comfortable thoughts.

I need books.

I’ve been working on new Toni! This Is Sal! material. Quite different from previous material, although I’m not sure if this is something I’ll keep at or if I’ll turn to breakbeats again. The two new songs I’ve written are mostly pounding 4/4 under some very cheery almost videogame-y melodies. Nintendocore? I thought of vocals but I suck at them, so maybe I’ll keep the songs instrumental.

Of course, I could resurrect them breakbeats and combine them with this newfound ability to craft good melodies. The combination would probably work well, too. Could provide some required “hardness” to the sound, although I’m sure a kickdrum pounding out a 4/4 pattern at 190 BPM is quite hard enough for most. It’s not that high up in the mix, though, as I’m not good at mixing and mastering and that stuff. Or some other stupid reason.

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