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stabbed in the face

Apparently, I shall be playing a gig with xLumbrahx at Noisy Studio in Ampang on the 10th of August.

As far as I know, the band only have two completed songs and, thus, we’ve got to either write new ones or find songs to cover (probably both). The responsibility, thus, rests on the shoulders of me and the bassist (who is also the bassist for my d-beat/crust/punk/thrash/metal/whatever band), the (as far as I know) temporary members of the group.

Best part is we haven’t got any songs at all, no cover songs, we haven’t even practiced together, and in less than two months we’ll be up on stage playing. It’ll be my first time on stage as well, which makes me a bit worried about what effect it’ll have on the band. We really need to practice together, that’s a given. A lot. But I guess it helps that they’re not total strangers.

In two months time I’ll ee if I can translate my bedroom and jam studio antics onto the live stage.

Don’t know who we’re playing with yet. Flyer shall be put up once it exists.

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