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do the d.a.n.c.e.

I still find it oddly funny how, throughout today, I have listened to Painkiller, then Iron Maiden, then Anaal Nathrakh, then Off Minor and now Justice. I also find it funny how the vast majority of my readers will, at most, only recognize one or two of these bands. Sadly.


I’m most probably going to get some of my photos printed soon, and, if the demand’s there, I’ll gladly print more so that you people, my lovable readers, can purchase some of them. Let me know which ones you think you’d want, I haven’t decided yet which ones I’ll print, although the photos from today are appealing. As are this and this.

If I do have photos printed, and if I decide to maybe see if I can sell some, I’m thinking of “mounting” them on pieces of black paper and then writing some stuff on said black piece of paper. Title, maybe. Number, maybe (as in, for example, 01/10). Some random quotes, maybe. A love letter, maybe.

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