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baby, i hate your guts

It’s 5am again and I’m still awake. Football Manager has once again taken over my life. So fun, yet so un-fun as well. True definition of a love/hate relationship.

Fortunately managed to finish the 3rd journal entry for my Creative Writing class. Assignment due next week, I haven’t done anything yet. It should be piss-easy since writing a piece of fiction isn’t anything new to me but I’ve just been lazy.

And getting addicted to FM isn’t helping. Not one bit.

video waves
Will be off to PD on Sunday for a wedding. Dad says we’re leaving at 10, stopping over at Morib (my grandmother on my mother’s side’s brother is there: stroke victim, all alone) for a while to rest and relax before heading off to PD. Kenduri is at night but hey, nothing wrong with lazing around in PD for a while, eh?

Hoping for many photo opportunities.

Shit, this whole “sleeping late and getting up relatively early” thing is really killing me. I’ll probably be awake again in about 5 hours and—what with my already incredible sleep debt and my inability to get any sort of good sleep—I’m sure I’ll be pretty sleepy through the day.

I should take better care of myself.

(as if that’ll happen tbh)

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