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the ants will eat rome

I’ll need to get my glasses looked at again. I have a feeling that pressing up to a camera viewfinder may have put them a bit out of whack again. To be honest I do feel a bit uncomfortable (they don’t sit on my face as well as they used to, and I have a headache) and my eyes sometimes have trouble focusing—no doubt “helped” by my obscene sleep deprivation—and I should be asleep but I’m not. I find myself constantly adjusting my glasses. Ugh, man. Not very comfortable.

Sometimes I really dislike wearing glasses.

I was asked by a friend to photograph members of his society for a sort of organization chart tomorrow, and I said “yeah, sure, why not?”

For some reason I feel like I regret that. I’m not at all confident about the whole thing, even if all he wants are bog-standard portraits. I don’t have to worry about anything aside from the actual photography, even, as he’s going to be doing all the PP. Get my ass there, take photos, transfer them to his laptop and get the fuck out of there. How hard could it be, really?

Doesn’t help that I don’t know him all that well and that I’m pretty sure I know none of the society members. Oh well. I guess it’s something anyone who’s handy with a camera experiences, eh.

I have this sudden urge to really get into street photography and come out of my shell a bit. Put the 24mm on my A200, do my lamest impersonation of Bruce Gilden and get right in people’s faces (without a strobe light, though . . . I suddenly want one), real hardcore street photography. Or maybe I could capture street scenes, yeah, the 24mm would be quite nifty in that application. Moreso on full-frame/35mm than on APS-C digital, but hey.


I feel somewhat frustrated about my photography, in terms of the subjects and how a lot of them involve the same things, same places and same faces. It’s just getting boring, for me, but whenever I go somewhere new/somewhere I don’t often go to I find myself becoming shy, self-conscious and my photography skills decide to go down the shitter for some reason. Yeah.

The volatile mix of being too hard on myself and having next to no self-belief at the same time doesn’t help much either. Yeah. I wish, I wish, I wish I could actually stop feeling nearly everything I do is crap, particularly about my photography. I habitually compare my photos to others just to find another excuse to trash my own.

I’ve also got this sudden urge to get my ass to a gig and take lots of photos. There’s a gig on the 7th at Noisy Studio in Ampang but I’m not exactly sure how to get there, and my friend’s car (he’s playing at the gig) will most probably be full. So yeah. 50mm will be quite nice, but maybe the 24mm would be better. Depends on the type of shot I want, I guess. A zoom would be nice, admittedly, in such situations. I’m not that keen on the 18-70mm kit lens, though. We’ll see, I guess, when the time comes.

I’m hoping to be able to get a dry box soon to store my lenses and camera in when I’m not using them. Expensive glass, I have, and I sure as hell don’t want any fungus developing . . . would affect the image as well as potential resale value. Heh. I’d really like a new camera bag, too.

I noticed that my hair now kinda looks like the type of hair I find so incredibly attractive on girls. You know, fringe, short-ish (but not actually short), kinda straight. That sort of thing. Hair-chans, yaw~

(Not that the girl I’m currently “into” has that whole thing going, mind you.)

Hm. New hair, new jeans. Goddamn goddamn I’m a brand new man.

I wish.

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