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the mysteries of life are amazing! even a corpse can get wet!

I just finished watching this, and oh god it has got to be one of the most glorious films I’ve ever seen. Gloriously odd, gloriously fucked up, gloriously disturbing yet also utterly great. I know, this will probably condemn me in the eyes of nearly everyone on this planet but I don’t care. It’s great. Certainly, as with a vast majority of Takashi Miike (or Miike Takashi, whatever), it’s not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the easily offended, but, to me, it doesn’t have that sort of serious tone that some of his other movies ā€” such as Ichi the Killer or Audition ā€” have.

It’s fucked up, yes, it’s disturbing, yes, but it also has a sort of cheerful, odd glee to it and certainly doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. Sometimes with movies like this you get the feeling that, while the gore and disturbing bits were essential to the plot/story, there is a desire on the director’s point of view to shock the viewer, to disgust the viewer, but I didn’t get that feeling during this particular movie. Admittedly, perhaps it’s because I’m no stranger to oddball, wierd and fucked-up film/literature/music, but I dunno. There’s something about this movie. Something that instantly brought that “glorious” adjective to mind.

I can see how some people would find it disturbing, though. I mean, it’s not everyday you see someone killing people while carrying a cheerful expression on his face, it’s not everyday you see someone eat dinner and watch TV while a kid beats up his mother in the background, it’s not everyday you see someone fucking a corpse. Haha.

Bascially, at its heart, it tells the story of a dysfunctional family and how one unnamed visitor (who makes his entrance by randomly hitting the “father” character on the head and ends up getting invited to dinner) somehow ends up reuniting them, healing them. It sounds cliche, yes, but seriously you’d be hard-pressed to actually notice that until the end of the movie.

I can’t help but love it to bits. And, yes, this post’s title is a quote from the movie.

Really, though, my blog posts always fail to do justice to things, so I’ll just stop here. I suck at this and everyone knows it, but, well, do watch the movie. I’m sure it’ll stick with you for a long time.

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