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freedom is the freedom to say two plus two make four

Minolta 28mm f/2.8 arrived today. It’s quite nice. Minolta 3000i film SLR also arrived today. Funny how the 6-volt battery needed to power it costs nearly a third of the price of the camera. The Sony 18-70 kit lens seems quite nice on the 3000i, even if there’s significant vignetting (I guess that’s what you’d call it) at 18mm. I actually like it that way. I’m unsure what roll of film I want to use first: the roll of Lucky b&w film (ISO100) I got on Saturday or an old-ish roll of Kodak Gold colour film (ISO200). Hm.

Recent photos:

natural light


burger king

reach for the sky


That first photo is using the new 28mm lens, the others are all using my trusty/typical 50mm. Of course, having two lenses I quite like leads to some confusion in regards to which one I want to have on the camera. I’ve always had this sort of problem, you know, but I guess it’s all down to which one I feel like using. And even that poses problems sometimes. At least, though, there’s a significant difference between the two, which helps. I think the 50mm will remain my walkabout lens, though, since for my style, 75mm (1.5x crop factor, remember) is just about nice.

42mm isn’t bad either, though. Heh.

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