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fast forward to 2012

I’ll keep things short. Or try to.

I went karaoke-ing with friends today. Much, much fun. Sang our hearts out, basically. Badly, but we fucking went for it. Wish there could’ve been more people, but then five felt about right. Went bowling after that. Much fun as well, and I didn’t finish last! Must try and improve my skills!

It’s kinda ridiculous how places like crazeecausa (or however the fuck you spell it) charge, what, RM30 for t-shirts which basically just consist of witty phrases written in (most probably) freely downloadable fonts. Haha. I will admit that some of said phrases are quite nice, though. I’d spring for the “don’t trust your girlfriend” one, but then I could probably ask my friend to print one of those phrases (in a font of my own choosing, since I’d be the one doing the “design” anyway) on a blank t-shirt, which would cost, what, RM10? Not even that? Hmm.

I went to Kino at KLCC yesterday. Got myself Burroughs’ Naked Lunch, the edition from Harper Perennial, which was cheaper than the edition I saw at MPH in OU by quite a bit. I’ve read it a bit, and it is quite fucked up. Quite, quite fucked up. My kind of book, definitely. Speaking of books, I came home today to find that my dear mother had bought lots of books at the MPH Warehouse Sale, including two Gaiman books (I seriously should finish Anansi Boys first, though… but then I could probably read through Fragile Leaves since it is a collection of short stories after all) and this nifty book about a firsthand experience of the bombing of Hiroshima and its aftermath called Letters From the End of the World, written by Toyofumi Ogura.

I have to say that reading said book while listening to Envy is strangely fitting.

What was not fitting, however, was the breaks I took while reading that book to think of, oh God, this girl I kinda… yeah. Like. At the least, I want to get to know her better. Be friends, and stuff. What happens after that, well, God knows man. God knows. Perhaps, just perhaps, playing guitar does have its advantages (I’d explain fully, but there’s always the risk of…). Or not. Haha. We’ll see. Thinking about this stuff (and her, goddamnit) feels so wrong. But then it feels so right as well.

It seems like my habit for being overly negative about myself is very obvious. One of my friends, while in the car on the way back from KL, pointed out the fact that I always seem to talk shit about myself, which was then followed by everyone else in the car agreeing. I’ll be honest, I was surprised that she (and they) noticed and that she actually bothered to mention something. I didn’t want to talk about it though, so I asked that the topic be dropped. Which, thankfully, it was.

She did say I was a “nice guy,” though. Which I also didn’t really know how to react to.

I’ve been recieving quite a bit of positive comments lately but I still oddly feel negative about myself. What gives, man?

Exam on Friday. Haven’t studied~

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