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as the coffee lined my gut, i thought, i’m the wrong call of fifty, gay, and manic depressive

Bought more books today. Ken Bruen’s Priest and The Hackman Blues (from which this entry title is taken), Camus’ The Plague (yes) and a book called Zen Guitar written by Phillip Toshio Sudo, which I’m not sure why I bought (could’ve gotten something by Koji Suzuki instead). But then, I did read through a bit of Zen Guitar and kinda liked the whole philosophy behind it.

Huge backlog of books to work though. Looking forward to it, in a sense, I guess. I’m sure I’ll rip through the Bruen books with my customary speed, since I am, after all, a huge fan of his work.

I’m quite enjoying Kerouac’s Desolation Angels, too. I might try to start reading a Bruen book alongside it as well. Probably The Hackman Blues, since I’m not sure I’m up for a Jack Taylor story right now. But then, maybe I am. Hm Hm.

Watched Metropolis tonight. I liked it, although, I’ll be honest, the acting (particularly of Feder and the robot Maria) annoyed me a bit, but it is a silent film so I guess the actors and actresses did have to go a bit over the top with their expressions and mannerisms. Very nice story, though, and visually, the movie was quite impressive. Not only the city scenes, but all the coreographed movements (the workers, particularly) and set pieces as well. I don’t know my technical terms though, so forgive me if I’ve cocked it all up.

I’ve said many things recently that felt right and natural when I said them, but felt like mistakes afterwards. I guess I do regret them, in a sense. And, no, said “things” are not the nasty things I said the other day. I meant those from the bottom of my heart (haha, way to go dude~) and will never regret them. Ever. (This is primarily for a certain someone who I know reads this blog and will eventually read this post.)

And I still hate myself. For varying reasons.

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