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destroy everything you touch

A thought occured to me while I was brushing my teeth just now. No, it’s nothing pressing, but I felt like writing about it anyway.

Why do I read people’s blogs?

I don’t think I can put my finger on any particular reason, really. I’d guess one of the reasons is because I enjoy reading a lot, and I’ll read anything I can get my hands on. I’m one of those people that’ll read any and all of the text on a cereal box repeatedly while he’s eating a bowl of cereal. Yes. And, let’s face it, reading people’s blogs is so much more enjoyable than re-reading copies of Top Gear or Electronic Gaming Monthly you’ve read hundreds of times already. Sure, there are novels for me to read, but it’s nice to read things that don’t take themselves as seriously as a novel, things that aren’t preoccupied with scene-setting and developing characters and building up a plot.

Blog posts are like small vignettes, small snippets of a person’s life or their thoughts contained within a framework of said person’s life and times. In a sense, they’re like short story anthologies, although perhaps without as much literary value. Generally speaking, of course, since there are always exceptions.

And I know, I may seem like a stalker by saying this, but I like taking a glimpse into people’s lives, learning more about them, the lives they lead and the things happening in said lives. People like me, grappling with life’s ups and downs, battling their own personal demons and finding their own personal angels. And sometimes it’s just because they write about interesting things or combine writing with music or photos or shit like that. Or maybe just because they write well, even if they never seem to say anything of importance (sounds just like me, eh).

When it comes to my friends’ blogs, I guess I read them just because I have a . . . personal interest, I guess, in what’s going on in their lives/minds, and what they choose to write about in their blogs. And, yeah, I’ve read some things in friends’ blogs that involved me or were even directed at me. God knows I’ve written stuff to people on this blog as well. I don’t know why it’s more comfortable writing things on a blog in the knowledge that your intended recipient will read it as opposed to telling those things straight towards them, but it is. In a sense.

Maybe we’re all just hopeless at this “communication” thing.

In the end, I guess I just like words. And reading words. Perhaps, particularly, my own. I’ll be frank, until recently this whole blog thing felt like all it was was me being narcissistic and writing just for the sake of writing. I guess things have changed (a bit), now, knowing that people do read this shit.

I’ll be heading off to that international book fest-thingy at PWTC (I think?) tomorrow with some friends. Should be fun, if only for the fact that I’ll be out with friends again. =]

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