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ariadne’s thread

So I did end up watching Cannibal Holocaust last night. I also ended up sleeping at . . . nearly 5am, I think. Would’ve watched Oldboy as well, but I was too tired. And, frankly, I’ll admit, a bit queasy after watching Cannibal Holocaust.

Personally, (ultra?)violent movies like Ichi the Killer and Hostel and Battle Royale never bothered me that much due to the fact that I knew they were movies. Sure, I squirmed a bit, maybe went “augh fuck” while cringing at certain points during the first two aforementioned movies, but the gore and violence never really got to me. I could, in a sense, smile and say “shit, this stuff is good/violent/insane!”

I couldn’t do any of that while I watched Cannibal Holocaust. It was, personally, on par with Lynch’s Eraserhead in terms of how disturbing it was for me. I didn’t cringe, I didn’t smile, I just . . . watched with what, I guess, was a slightly unpleasant look on my face. And you know what really got me in Cannibal Holocaust?

The turtle-killing scene. Knowing that it was a real turtle was just . . . ugh. Holy fuck. Holy fuck.

But I got through it, and I guess I enjoyed it for what it was. A brilliantly executed, treated and directed, almost documentary-like, hyperrealistic film about unspeakable (haha) horrors in the jungle. The movie for me, much like Akira and the aforementioned Eraserhead, was an experience.

I finished reading Norwegian Wood tonight. Awesome, awesome book. I’m thinking of what Murakami book to get next, when I get the chance. Was leaning towards The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, but then Sputnik Sweetheart seems mighty interesting too. I’ll make a decision when the time comes.

But, seriously, Norwegian Wood was just . . . great. Perfect? No. But a great, great book nonetheless. One of my favourites for sure. I have a feeling that Murakami’ll find himself on my “favourite authors” list along with Neil Gaiman (speaking of him, I still need to read more of Anansi Boys) and Ken Bruen (I should head over to Bookxcess in Amcorp Mall and buy more of his books). All three are different, but oh so awesome.

Which reminds me, I haven’t went anywhere in quite a while. Maybe I’ll head over to One Utama tomorrow. Get out of the house, walk around, window shop. Mindless, typical teenager fare. Who knows, I may just, somehow, find inspiration for the story I’ve been wanting to write but been unable to due to a bad case of writer’s block. Seriously, it sucks wanting to write so badly but not being able to. Which is probably why my blog posts have been quite long recently. Making up for the writing I’m not doing (as in, my prose and my poetry and that shit).

I was browsing through photos on flickr today, and I stumbled across one that had the lyrics of Thom Yorke’s “The Eraser” in the caption. I’ve never heard the song, but a couple of lines really hit home for me, particularly these: “I am only being nice / Because I want someone, something”. And I don’t know what he meant by the lines (in the whole context of the song), but they did remind me of some things.

I’ve been trying to tell myself that I would’ve said the things I said, did the things I did even if I hadn’t had the feelings I had for a friend of mine. But, really, I’m not so sure. Maybe I would’ve. But then, maybe not. It’s bothering me a bit, honestly. And I guess it still applies to me when you pull it into the present tense as well.

I should finish watching Audition. I think I stopped (had to, really, I was . . . depressed and not in a mood to watch a movie) just before the fun parts start, so yeah. Maybe tonight. No class tomorrow (section closed, yay!) so I can sleep late again~

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