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…but an unjust peace is still better than a just war

I continued in last night’s vein of watching old-ish anime movies and watched Patlabor the Movie: 2 today. It was a good movie, and I enjoyed it. Some of the politics/politicking did fly over my head a bit, I’ll admit, but on the whole I thought that it was a nicely thought-provoking piece of animation. Looked quite nice, too, which is always a plus when it comes to animation.

Shall commence to download the soundtrack sometime soon. I especially liked the track playing during Nagumo’s boat ride at night, on the way to (supposedly, I guess) meeting Tsuge. Quite a nice track. Fit the mood brilliantly, I feel.

I’ve watched more anime in a weekend (haha, two movies) than I have in the last few years of my existence. Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on your viewpoint. I’m leaning slightly towards “bad”, since there’s lots of anime stuff I seemingly should see/should have seen. In time, I guess. In time.

I also managed to sell my Sony A100 today. Met the guy at the Burger King at Giant, chatted a bit, ran though some of the functions for him and became RM1100 richer. Said money went straight into the fund for somethingsomethingspecialspecial. Heheh. I have to say, the BBQ Cheeseburger at Burger King isn’t half bad. I quite liked it. The sauce, especially.

a leaf

There hasn’t been a photo on here for ages, has there? My photography’s been really sucky lately, a combination of depression and apathy isn’t exactly good for photographic exploits. And I’ve reached the limit for images on a free flickr account, so I’ll have to live with my old images slowly dissapearing from my photostream. Not that they’ll be missed dearly, but some of them are quite nifty.

Of course, I could somehow ask my dad if he’d get me a pro account. I could just hand him the cash and have him pay via credit card or whatever. Yeah, maybe that could work.

I still feel like writing but I still haven’t actually sat down and tried to. I should. Can’t shake this odd apprehension I’m feeling, though. If I get going I guess it’ll be ok, though. But that’s the toughest part: the start. I’ve actually got some half-formed ideas in my head, but I’m not sure if I could actually make them work. We’ll see.

I re-read the last piece I finished (and put up on this blog) tonight, and you know what my first reaction was? “Fuck, this is actually quite good!”

Wanted to look for inspiration, but it kinda made me feel crappier in terms of my current blank-ness. What’s the fucking use of feeling like I want to write if I can’t actually think of anything? No ideas, no characters, no titles, no plot points, no plots. Not even any suitably poetic ending sentences. Augh.

No class tomorrow, presentation postponed until next week. Nice. And to think I was actually preparing . . . wait for it . . . POWERPOINT SLIDES for it today. Haha. I was busy with them and suddenly I got a text from my friend saying something to the effect of “no class tomorrow”, at which point I immediately closed every window related to tomorrow’s presentation and just relaxed.

Thought about watching Cannibal Holocaust tonight but it’s somehow already 1.30am and I’m really quite sleepy. Maybe tomorrow.

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