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a post can’t be untitled because the act of titling the post "untitled" means that it does have a title

Today turned out to be a better day than I expected it to be. My group’s presentation/performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet (Act 3 Scene 2, specifically the “play within a play” bit) turned out well enough, and the Q&A session afterwards didn’t kill us. A friend mentioned that we handled it well, which was nice to hear. What was really quite awesome, though, was that we hadn’t practiced our lines/scenes together at all (one reading does not constitute “practice”, does it?), and that today was actually our first time acting the whole bloody thing out. There were some hitches, but it was okay-ish.

Not nearly as nerve-wracking as stepping out behind the curtain on a stage in a large hall filled with judges and . . . God, girls, for sure. Haha. But then, not as fun either. Definitely not as fun. There’s something to be said about being so nervous that you actually tremble and foul up your lines.

After class was done (which was pretty much after our presentation), I, having nothing to do and no-one to really talk to, decided I’d head over to the Old Town at Kelana Jaya mall to sip on some white coffee while reading more of Murakami’s Norwegian Wood. Sadly, I didn’t get one of those dark(er), cosy corner seats with the cushions and whatnot, but it was quite enjoyable nonetheless. I really do like the place’s atmosphere.

And oh God Norwegian Wood is such a lovely book. I’m almost . . . jealous. Of both Murakami and oddly enough, of the characters in the novel. The book is definitely well-written, with great characters and an engaging story. Very, very enjoyable. It’s not a sad book, by any means (at moments perhaps it’s a bit melancholy, but then it’s also funny and . . . yes, sexy), but I can’t help but think that my current slighty melancholic mood has been due to reading so much of the book recently. I went from the beginning of chapter 4 to somewhere around chapter 10 in just about a span of 24 hours (this including sleep at night), which is I guess by anyone’s standards quite a bit. The chapters are kinda long, so yeah.

And I love how Murakami writes. Love. As I (think) I mentioned in my last post (amidst all the emo-ness), it’s made me want to write too. I haven’t really sat down and tried to, though, as my moods have been sour lately and, I don’t know, maybe my recent apathy’s gotten the better of me. Feels like a chore. I do love it, but it does.

Sadly. =[

But I’ll get something done, eventually. Just need to think of a certain concept. I’m thinking of trying on something different for size. Maybe a bit of horror, maybe something disturbing, maybe even a post-apocalyptic sci-fi cyberpunk romance? Hahahahaha. Shit, that would be fun to try. I’d screw it up so bad though. Maybe I’m only really suited to slightly thoughtful, perhaps occasionally maudlin, short pieces about . . . love. Haha.

I feel like a loser all of a sudden.

Also, I watched Akira tonight. Yes, I’m 20 fucking years late (regardless of the fact that I watched the 2001 Pioneer re-release/re-dub/whatever), but as they say, better late than never, right?

Yes, it was awesome. Incredibly so. Personally, for me, it wasn’t so much a movie as it was a fucking experience. And what an experience it was. Wonderful animation (granted, I know jack shit about anime and animation in general), great (and very engaging) story, interesting characters, great scenes and a masterful (especially visually) final 20-30 minutes combined to make it one of the best movies I’ve seen in recent times. Even if it is 20 years old. But, as they say, better late than — oh wait, I’ve already used that cliché in this post.

Depression has abated a bit, which is nice. Still don’t feel good, but then again I don’t feel like utter shit either. Which is, really, good enough for me. My “ok” may just be someone else’s “bad”. I have a feeling it is.

In all, today was decent, and, barring a short-but-huge bout of self-loathing/depression, I don’t despise the fact that I woke up today.

Yes, incredibly shitty title. I have nothing to quote and lack the mental capacity to think of a nice title at this time in the morning.

  1. peachdrug
    Apr 6, 2008 at 22:03

    Is this your first Murakami? Unfortunate for me who claims to be a Murakami-ac I have yet to read Norwegian Wood. HOwever I do love his writing style. Simple, and his adequate details into small matters what interests me most. You should try reading stuff from Jonathan Safran Foer for some! Now that’s delicious.

    & Akira, oh Akira. I love it. I do want to get my grubby hands on 6 manga volumes. Do you know that they’re going to make it into a live-action movie soon? Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (yesss!). My brother is a bit wary of it because he doesn’t trust Hollywood but if its given to the right people, things can be brilliant. I hope.

  2. azzief
    Apr 6, 2008 at 22:06

    I’ve always been meaning to read Murakami, but the fact is I never got around to it until recently. And, yeah, it’s my first Murakami book.

    Now, if only I could get rid of the whole “pretentious indie kid” scene I seem to associate with Murakami.

    I do want to get my hands on the 6-volume manga too. And, like your brother, I’m incredibly wary of what they’ll do with the live-action version.

  3. peachdrug
    Apr 7, 2008 at 00:09

    Aah. His recurrent theme of ‘man loses his wife, goes on pondering about her whereabouts while meeting with various surreal events that signify nothing’ won’t be boring if you are really in love with him. Wind-Up Bird Chronicle does the theme best.

    Well just ignore that pretentious deal, and I’m sure you’ll be fine :)

    I’m wary too, but I don’t know, anything JGL-related gives me high hopes. Obviously they won’t go through the current live-action Dragonball route… I hope.

    Watch some Satoshi Kon’s movies! I’m still trying to get my hands on Paprika though.

  4. azzief
    Apr 7, 2008 at 00:21

    I’ll probably grab “Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” next. And, haha, that theme sounds like the kind of theme I’d use in my writing.

    Satoshi Kon, eh? He’s the one that directed… uh… “Millennium somethingsomething” right? I’m not familiar with anime at all, tbh.

    My knowledge of Japan extends only to noise music and violent cinema (Takashi Miike is <3). Oh, and Kurosawa. Heh.

  5. peachdrug
    Apr 7, 2008 at 02:01

    Millenium Actress, heh. His latest, Paprika is a burst of visual orgasm.

    I watch anime, and usually I’d go for the unconventional ones (except for Code Geass. That is just one major guilty pleasure hurhurhur) so yeah :)

  6. azzief
    Apr 7, 2008 at 02:12

    I wanted to get into anime, but I dunno, something just turned me off. I’m not sure what.

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