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Photos first, talk later.

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dashiell arkenstone

The gig was great, as I had expected (and hoped). Great bands, great music and a great crowd. It was a huge bummer, though, that the air-conditioning decided to break down, especially when HORSE the Band finally began playing. The crowd just went crazy, pushing and shoving and generally increasing the temperature even more. And there I was, camera in hand, trying to snap photos.

I really am an idiot. I mean, I could’ve at least looked for a nice vantage point (for lack of a better term right now) but noooooooooooooo. I guess, though, that, much like event photography, gig photography isn’t my thing either. Pfft.

After a few songs from HORSE the Band I decided to ditch the camera and have a friend hold it for me. Best decision I made all day.

I felt like fainting, really, due to the heat, the exhaustion of jumping around and trying to push other people off me, and due to the fact that I hadn’t eaten anything since 11am and it was already 9pm by that time. I oddly liked it, though. I can’t recall much, but I’m sure I, at one moment, thought to myself, “ok, something feels wrong here”.

Thankfully I didn’t.

Had a friend send me to KL Sentral (aku syg ko Zack, haha~), where I decided that I’d, God forgive me, grab a bite at McDonalds. Yeah. I was hungry, and before I knew it I was infront of the McD’s in Sentral. What was I to do except head inside? Got myself a double cheeseburger McValue meal, not that anyone cares.

KL Sentral at 10.30pm felt strangely… nice. There weren’t that many people around, most of the shops were closing down and there wasn’t any of the hustle and bustle usually associated with it. Which perhaps excaberated the feeling of loneliness I felt. The comedown after a whole day of loud music and people and friends kinda sucks.

In the train back I talked a bit with this guy who was also at the gig. About nothing in particular, just about what I usually did with the photos I take at gigs. Nothing important. Didn’t ask his name or whatever. Maybe we’ll meet each other again. Who knows? The world’s small enough for that to happen.

Or something of the sort.

  1. peachdrug
    Mar 31, 2008 at 21:35

    Oh cool you went to Horse the Band! I didn’t since I’m so out of hardcore/mathcore/whatevercore genre now, and what else with the local bands in that area. My friend wanted to go to the gig but he got occupied last minute. Pity him.

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