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what i did last night

Last night was quite the busy night. First, I went out at around 8 to do a favour for a friend’s band and take some photos of them for promotional purposes. A photoshoot, I guess. We settled on taking photos at Kelana Square near to my place. Nice enough location, actually.

I think the photos turned out nicely enough, especially the last one. I had to use the 18-70mm, so I had to shoot at high ISO settings, which meant lots of noise. Not that suitable if you’re taking promotional photos, yeah (unless that’s the aesthetic you’re aiming for). Fortunately, Noise Ninja (*cough* pirated *cough*) came to the rescue. So much better than Photoshop/Lightroom’s built-in noise removal. Much love. Much, much love.

Check ’em out~

Then, later that night, after hanging about a bit at home fixing up photos, a friend picked me up at my place at around 12-ish and we went out intending do some skating (him) and skate photography (me, and, yes, at night) at that popular (apparently) spot near KLCC. Was nearly 2am when we reached there, since we had to take a detour and visit Havoc Studio to pick up another friend. Decided to park our asses at a mamak and have something to drink, too.

Last night was my first time trying any sort of skate photography, and the fact that it was at night at an area that wasn’t exactly well-lit made it all the more difficult. Certainly not the best conditions to be taking skate photos in, especially not if it’s your first time. And if you don’t have a bitchin’ light setup.

Lots of photos were taken, but I’m only uploading the ones that actually show something, I guess, aside from failed tricks. Although some of said failed trick photos actually do look quite good. Makes it easier on me to only upload the ones that show some sort of action, though, as I’d have a horrible time deciding which ones to upload from amidst the “failed” ones.

Forgive the small-ish sizes, yeah…

This next one is basically a happy accident, as I think it looks quite good. For some odd reason.

The friend in the above photos was actually the one that asked me to tag along to watch him skate and take photos, but my other friend below decided he’d give it a shot too. Note the bitchin’ Doom t-shirt. I want one of those. And, no, he did not land those flips.

And, of course, the obligatory posed photos follow:

We then headed back to Kelana Jaya, hung out at another mamak for a bit (I don’t know what possessed me to have roti telur at 3.30 in the morning) and then we all headed back home (me, of course, requiring to be sent back home due to not possessing any sort of personal transportation). I reached home at (at least) 4am, went to sleep at around 5.30am. Haven’t slept that late in quite a while.

Woke up at 12 today. Ah. Joy.

  1. Zara Suhaimee
    Mar 27, 2008 at 16:52

    jelesssss -_______-“

    nk try oh band photoshoot <3
    skate dah try time hari siang la. senang sikit nk snap. weeee hahaha.

  2. peachdrug
    Mar 27, 2008 at 17:53

    I like the third one.

    Oh, for skate pictures, I like this girl’s collection. Maybe you can learn a thing or two?

    All the best in your photojourney, sir!

  3. azzief
    Mar 27, 2008 at 18:24

    Those are some nifty photos… must shoot in daylight sometime.

    Also, thanks~

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