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I’m not sure what the whole point of this is, really. Haha. These are the new Toni! This Is Sal! t-shirts I mentioned a few blog posts back. I really like the material used for these ones, so much better (and, haha, yes, cheaper) than the t-shirts I/we used for the first batch. Fully combed cotton. Really nice to wear. Crappy-ish thing is, though, that the smallest size we can get these in is “S”, and their “S” is a bit towards “M”. So, no, not for girls, I guess. Nor for really skinny blokes who like to wear tight t-shirts. Unless I can find somewhere to get small-size blank t-shirts that are of good quality. Any ideas on where to look?

The opened (and sweaty, having been worn for most of the day, including while I’ve been moshing to Whitechapel) t-shirt is mine, the other white one is being sold soon, and the pink-on-black one is also for a friend (and also being sold, fyi). I originally wanted to do black-on-white only, but I asked my partner-in-crime (aka the bloke that does the actual printing) if he’d be able to do a pink-on-black one, and since he said it was doable, I got him to make one. For a friend. And because the guy’s already bought one “normal” T!TIS! t-shirt.

It’s actually quite nice, the colour combo. I’m thinking of having one made for myself as well.

Also, the design’s apparently quite nice. People have been saying good things about it. Notably, a classmate of mine (who was one of the last people I’d expect to have good words about this design) today told me that it was “nice” (or something of the sort, I can’t recall). I cooked it up in 5 minutes, so any sort of praise is good enough! Haha. A few more people want one of these, too, so I’m sure that UNITAR Kelana Jaya will end up having the largest concentration of T!TIS! t-shirts anywhere in the country.

Now, if anyone reading wants one (haha, as if!) just let me know or something. RM20 for black-on-white, RM21 for pink-on-black.

Now, if you’re wondering what the hell this Toni! This Is Sal! shit is, then click the “music” link up top. Enjoy, or something.

I really should get cracking on new music.

  1. peachdrug
    Mar 26, 2008 at 21:43

    i kinda like the pink on black one. huhuhu.

    dude, link exchange?

  2. azzief
    Mar 26, 2008 at 22:46

    haha. =]

    link exchange? sure, why not~

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