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i did not sign up for this!

Today was supposed to be a simple case of “go to event, take photos, eat, have fun, and leave.” But me and my friend showed up to the event at 9.15-ish in the morning, expecting to see at least the tables all set up, and what do we see? Jack shit, basically. Yeah. I know. Awesome. You know what’s the best part? We both had to lift some heavy-ass tables. My biceps were burning, we were dripping with sweat, and basically I was kinda pissed because I did not sign up for that shit. I’m not even a member, not even one of the behind-the-scenes people, and yet, well…

Nevermind. Not much I can say about it, really. It was fun, again, being with friends and all.

Needless to say, my biceps hurt like hell right now. I am so not looking forward to tomorrow. Ugh. I’m willing to bet that I won’t even be able to lift a glass to my lips to drink. And I’ll have to take more photos tomorrow, too. Helping friends, again. Although I may get a free, kinda-expensive lunch, so yeah. Nice. =]

oh wait that's me
(Yes, I like to abuse mirrors sometimes. And no, nothing to do with this entry.)

Had a friend over today, and while I was goofing about with my guitar and my delay pedal I discovered the joys of setting the delay time to the max it’ll go (2600ms), having the “repeat” knob cranked to the max and the delay volume somewhere around 12 o’clock, and on “echo” mode. Yeah. Play a phrase, listen to the (really late) delays, add some more noises, and some more, and some more, and let it all deteriorate into a kinda-rhythmic mess of noise. The best part is that the self-oscillation repeats the early notes/noises nearly ad infinitum but not the later notes. So I can basically provide a nice rhythmic background for myself while I noodle about. Kinda. I’m sure I screwed up the explaination. Maybe I’ll try putting the Tri-Metal after the DE7 and see if I can make a bit of noise.

Maybe I’ll upload an audio clip sometime soon.

You know how people say girls like guys who play guitar? I’m not entirely sure that’s true. But, haha, it’s not like I make a big fuss of the fact that I play guitar and all. Heh. I’ve only ever performed in public… once? Maybe I should try and “show off” my abilities a bit more. HAHAHA. I may or may not be entirely serious about this, just for your information. Really though, it’d be nice to be known as the kid who takes decent photos and plays guitar decently enough.

I’m sure lots of people recognize me as the former (in a sense, at least, as I think I’m quite known as the kid who carries his camera around everywhere… which may or may not be a good thing, come to think of it), but only a handful of people know I play guitar, and even fewer are the ones that’ve actually seen me play. Should change that fact.

Regardless, though, I still like chicks who play guitar, or, hell, any sort of instrument.

And I’m sure everyone can think of that “instrument,” so I won’t mention it. Haha. And, if you don’t, I guess it’s best you not know.

I really think I should decorate my room more. Four posters aren’t good enough. Shall try and get going on that whole photo-printing thing. At the very least, pick out some nifty frames and all. Which means I’ll probably find myself at IKEA sometime. Or anywhere. Just as long as they have those nice large photo frames with those thick white borders around the photo. Haha. 12×12″ frame for a 5×5″ photo? Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

Also, damn one of my guitarist friends for making me have this irrational lust for an Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff.

The downside, of course, to my two hobbies is that they eat up money like people eat up food, and that the chances of getting gear lust are probably much, much higher than other hobbies. And much more expensive to cure. I’m sure it wouldn’t be as bad to go “fuck, I want that” about, say Magic (The Gathering, yes) cards as it would be to go “fuck, I want that” about guitar pedals or camera lenses. Whee~

But, so, yeah. Bring on tomorrow! I’ll be suffering from lots of pain (at least I won’t be alone, I’m sure one of my friends will be hurting too) ,will be attending probably my only fun (kinda) class, be seeing great friends and (hopefully) having a free lunch. Good enough, perhaps.

  1. peachdrug
    Mar 23, 2008 at 21:47

    I feel so selfish on how it is a huge requirement to have a boy who is at least capable of playing music. It’s like I’m putting a stereotype upon myself, like that girl who feeds on ~*~*kewl dudes~*~* you know?

    Hobbies that eat your money are so worthy yet deadly. True fact.

    Another idea for your decoration: hang up your recent chest x-ray, cos that’s what I did. But that’s because I am a biological geek therefore that’s my take on being ‘vain’.

    Nice blog & pictures you have here dude.

  2. azzief,
    Mar 23, 2008 at 22:01

    Haha, thanks.

    Haha, chest x-ray? Well, I’ve got, I think, my recent foot x-rays with my dislocated toe in all its glory. That… might not make that good of a decoration, come to think of it.

    And, really, us instrument-playing blokes aren’t all that “cool,” you know. At least, the ones I play with in my bands.

  3. peachdrug
    Mar 23, 2008 at 22:37

    Well I wanted to put up my left leg’s x-ray but I can’t seem to find it, which is a pity. Teehee.

    I know. In fact, they seemed to be ones that need motherly attention from us (well, the ones I know la). Kind of funny, isn’t it.

  4. azzief,
    Mar 23, 2008 at 22:49

    Haha. True, perhaps, in a sense. I guess. I’m not too sure myself.

    Hell, I’m not entirely sure I get what you mean.

  5. peachdrug
    Mar 24, 2008 at 00:35

    I was referring to the musicians. heh.

  6. azzief,
    Mar 24, 2008 at 09:18

    Haha. Yeah, yeah. I get it. Was a bit… slow, last night.

    Maybe totally unrelated, but I notice that me and some of my fellow musician friends are probably the most inept people I know when it comes to, eh, people. Especially the ones (like me) who own their own gear (guitar/amp/pedals.)

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