maaf dipinta seribu bahasa

As I expected, the photos I took during Tuesday’s Toastmasters-event-thingy have appeared on the Internet somewhere! Yes! Reliable. Clicky clicky. I don’t think they’re that good, but I guess they serve the purpose well. And, of course, I didn’t take that photo of me. Nor am I a “Professional Photographer,” as the caption for that image says. Far from it. Not good enough to be one, probably, when it comes to events.

I downloaded and watched the movie “Six-String Samurai” today. Quite an enjoyable film, that one. Wikipedia says it’s a “comedy,” but, really, it’s more of a light-hearted, not-too-serious action flick than a real comedy. Although there are some nice, funny parts in it. I like the whole concept and story, and the fight scenes were quite well-done too. While I could see the end bits coming a mile away, it was still nice to see whe whole thing come together. Loved the rockabilly-ish soundtrack, too. Can’t say much ’cause I suck at this shit, but yeah, I recommend it quite a bit. Very nice.

The premise of the movie is something like this: in 1957, the Russians dropped the bomb on America and took over, save for Lost Vegas [sic], where Elvis became King. Now, Elvis is dead, and people from all across the wastelands, toting swords and guitars, attempt to head to Lost Vegas to become the new King.

Or something like that.

baby i love you?

Haha, what with talking about “Six-String Samurai” and having a photo of my guitar, I guess it’d be proper to mention that tomorrow I’ll finally be getting my hands on a delay pedal. And, yes, it is an Ibanez DE7. Getting it secondhand for around 200 bucks, which leaves me with a bit of extra cash. Will probably have to head to Bentley or Chambers or CK or whatever as long as I’m in the area, as I’d need a daisy cable to power the thing.

I’m excited. And I feel guilty for being able to spend so much on stuff. I should be thankful, and I am, really, but I guess I feel guilty too.

I have a feeling that I won’t be so much in class as waiting desperately for it to finish so I can head over to MCPA hall and meet up with the guy. And, while I’m at it, maybe I’ll do a bit of traipsing around Bukit Bintang. Maybe.

This is totally unrelated, but I still remember something that friend of mine said when I last talked to her, something about how the whole thing between me and her helped me learn more about myself, what I like and shit like that. I’m still wondering why she said that, and I’m not sure it has (hm, maybe I’d say “I’m sure it has not,” even,) but yeah, it got me thinking.

About what, I’m not sure. Hell, maybe even about her. Which is something I hardly need right now.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, though, it’s that I need to settle myself out first and learn to at the very least appreciate myself before I begin to even think about liking, appreciating and, hell, even loving someone else. And, in my more depressed moments, I still wonder why anyone would like me.

Silly, sad and pathetic, I know. But that’s me.

And, you know, it’s funny how I always end up falling for the people I (and my friends) least expect me to fall for.

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