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delay the rain, please

My literature class today was, I guess, as usual, slightly boring, although we did get to see a group presentation (first group out of five, corresponding with the five acts of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”). Now, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see how we can match them. Hell, my group haven’t even bloody discussed anything. And we’re doing act 3. We’ve got two weeks, yeah, but I have a feeling that those two weeks are going to just fly by without us doing anything.

Watched a bit of the movie “Hamlet” as well, the one with Mel Gibson, and while I wish I could’ve stayed to watch, I decided I should jet off to KL earlier before the rain started pissing down in Kelana Jaya. The skies all around were getting very dark too, which only heightened the feeling of tension and urgency I felt.

The weather didn’t look too bad in the train, but when we reached the Bangsar stop it was already pissing down cats and dogs and I’m pretty sure I went “daaaaamn.” Heavy, heavy rain.

I alighted at KL Sentral and managed to get to the other end of that covered walkway leading towards the Monorail without getting too badly soaked. There was a mass of people there, all waiting for something, perhaps for the rain to lighten up a bit. I, of course, waited a bit but then decided I’d just wing it and run across. Waited till the lights were green (for the pedestrians, of course), then ran across. Mind you, this is with my camera bag, really baggy jeans and a pair of shoes that aren’t exactly made for running. Hell, my body isn’t made for running.

But I got across. And got quite wet in the process.

I was soaked even more in my effort to get to MCPA Hall from the Maharajalela Monorail station. And I had to run even more. Needless to say, that mix of sweat and rainwater-soaked clothes isn’t a very nice mix. I’m out of shape, okay. Fuck running, man. But, hey, since I didn’t want to get soaked to the motherfucking bone, I ran.

Once I parted with the cash and got the Ibanez DE7 I decided I would head back instead of heading to Bukit Bintang to buy a daisy chain and some patch cables. It was raining, I was tired and I was bloody bloody hungry. So I headed back.

And managed to snap this, among other photos:

looking ahead

I really really like it, yeah. Things just, I guess, fell in together perfectly. The girl with the umbrella, the way she was looking ahead, the other person with the purplish umbrella up ahead. It all just . . . fit. And I’m glad I managed to compose it nicely.

Anyway, back to gear talk. I decided that I’d survive for a while with using my brother’s long-ass Ibanez cable (which used to be mine, fyi) to go from my guitar to my Tri-Metal, and to use one of the cables I’d been using to go from the Tri-Metal to the DE7. Also bought a 9v battery to stick in my Tri-Metal and use my power adaptor to power the DE7.

I’ll snap a better photo someday, but yeah, that’s how my setup looks, crappy cables and all. I might end up using my RAT 2 clone as well, putting it first in the chain and using it as a light overdrive to add a bit of grit to my clean sound maybe. But the RAT loses nearly all of its measly bottom end when I use it like that though, which kinda sucks.

Maybe I’ll go for a Digitech Bad Monkey, and try and sell off the RAT. Or, uh, do a Bad Monkey -> RAT -> Tri-Metal -> DE7 setup. Haha. I may just do that! Although I guess I’d be able to justify a Bad Monkey to my parents better if I sell off my RAT first.

Tomorrow’s that event-thingy. My dad agrees with me that it’d probably be better to go with a zoom lens for that kind of event photography. Yeah. That’s what I’ll use, then.

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