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more thoughts on "sepuluh tahun sebelum merdeka"

I still remember learning about the period of our country’s history as dealt with in the documentary back in school, and I still remember how the textbooks painted bodies such as API, PUTERA-AMCJA and other left-wing parties to be the “bad guys” and UMNO as the “good guys.” Back then I think I believed whatever the textbooks said, and still recall being bewildered by why the aforementioned left-wing parties acted the way they did.

You know, I guess now I wouldn’t call the people who wrote the textbooks writers, but rather propagandists serving the right-wing government, twisting events towards their own point of view in order to mislead the youths and plant false information into their minds before they even get a chance to open their eyes.

Of course, even back then I had my doubts about the accuracy of our history curriculum (I actually had to look up how to spell that word), but I just didn’t know where to look in order to find the real, unbiased truth. I half-believed, half-doubted, and in the end decided to try and not care about history just because I was so confused about what the truth actually was, and where to find it. Certainly not in the textbooks, for sure.

Last night, however, I finally knew the truth. Even if the movie only dealt with a specific part of the nation’s history, it was a very important part that Fahmi Reza decided to tackle and shed some light on. And, really, in a sense, the movie drove the final nail into the coffin as far as I’m concerned. History, as we learnt (and are still learning) during school, is bollocks, biased, inaccurate and plain misleading.

I feel cheated, in a sense. We should all feel cheated.

The kids think they know what’s what. Well, until they’ve watched this, they simply don’t:

I recommend you download the documentary, though (from, again, the website), as there are subtitles which might help a bit. I only downloaded the ones hosted on Rapidshare and Driveway (720×540 = oooh) but I believe all the downloadable versions have subtitles.

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