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howdy neighbour

Today’s been a long day, in a sense. I spent a few hours today in a car with friends (fun, kinda, except for the fact that my back does not take kindly to car rides), heading to and from Seremban. One of said friends lives there, and her and the other three people in the car were heading over there to interview both her grandmother and her dad for an assignment. Me, you ask? Well, I decided to tag along just to annoy them, perhaps. Get out of the house, spend time with friends. And take photos for them as proof of the interview(s).

Was really nice meeting her dad and all. Nice bloke, he is. Was also really great to just be out of the house with friends but not while, say, traipsing about a shopping mall, which is refreshing and is something, I guess, I need right now. Perhaps a bit more than I used to.

I have to say, I’ve been feeling oddly lonely recently.

Seremban (or, at least, what little I saw of it) seems like a nice place, too. Reminds me a bit of Kangar, even, for some odd, odd reason.

be a hip cat, be a ship's cat

I’m officially the photographer for an event this Sunday, the 23rd of March. It’s kind of a bazaar-music-stuff thing going on, some of my friends are involved with the organizing and all. Will probably be there the whole day, and might have to also handle a booth, which is something I’m not entirely sure I want to do (the booth handling, not being there the whole day). I’ll probably bring along the 1GB CF card in the (unused, kinda) A100 just so that I can take a few more photos without worrying too much about storage space. After all, shooting in RAW takes up a lot of space.

A bit worried and all about how well I’ll do, really. Which is something I usually feel when I’m, like, solely responsible for the photography. At least, I think I am. But, hey, I’m not demanding any pay, so I guess they can’t expect AMAZING photos, can they?

I’m not good at event photography.

Also, I might just end up having to use my 18-70mm for more versatility and stuff. Sucks that I can only go up to the maximum arpeture (f/3.5) at 18mm, though. Or, oh wait, maybe I’ll use the 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 Minolta lens that’s currently on the A100 instead. Better than f/3.5-5.6. A bit. Zooms in closer, too. But doesn’t go as wide. Hmm. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll bring along both of my zoom lenses.

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