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from the sky

I think I’m falling in love with my new lens. It’s a quality lens, for sure. It captures some great details and does provide some nice bokehs. I like it lots, for sure. And, apparently, according to my dad, it’s got those “signature Minolta colours,” and I’m not sure what he means by that.

And, while the 1.5x crop factor makes it less of an all-purpose lens (apparently, that is,) I’m still nearly always using it in place of my 18-70mm. Said 1.5x crop factor makes it a nice portrait lens too, as I’ve recently found out:

i'm not looking at you, no
another portrait

Yeah, nearly identical compositions, just mirrored. I actually took two photos of my female friend up there, one of which was composed nearly identically to the second photo. Thankfully I realized my folly and managed to squeeze another shot off (haha, that’s not a proper term/phrase, is it?)

And I’m still confused about feelings and stuff. Thinking too much about it won’t help at all, but I’m not sure how I’m supposed to not think about it. I guess I have to occupy myself with things. God knows I have things to occupy myself with. I have an exam tomorrow, and I have a group assignment for which I don’t even have a group yet, and some other stuff. I can’t really just park my ass in front of the TV and watch it, though, as a friend suggested to me, due mainly to the fact that I’m not keen on TV.

I really should study for tomorrow’s exam. I know next to nothing about the subject, and yeah, I should read up a bit so as to not be totally clueless. The fact that the questions are objective (MCQ and true/false) doesn’t help much these days, as I’m finding MCQ questions here in uni to be really quite tough. Which, I guess, in an odd sense, is a good thing.

After the exam, though, I’ll probably be involved in my (kinda) preferred role as a photographer for an event, namely my college’s Toastmasters club (is that the proper term, even? I’m not sure,) gala event or something. Not sure. I’ll admit that I’m not entirely confident about it, nor am I confident about my photographic skills when it comes to documenting an event. And, really, it’s not like it’ll be just friends, and I’m perhaps a bit worried about that. After all, at heart I am still an awkward 18-year-old. Oh yes I am.

Maybe I’ll enjoy it.

I may be doing some things after said event too. Hopefully. We’ll see.

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