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the balance drowned in a white tub


I really quite like the new lens.

You know, I’ve been thinking tonight, and a couple of things popped into my head. Amongst them, the funny fact that my current best friend is probably the last person I’d ever have imagined becoming best friends with. Haha. It really is funny, you know, how you end up becoming close to people you don’t expect to become close to, and how the people you seem to “click” with never really become more than regular friends. It’s… life, I guess.

Another thing is the fact that I really shouldn’t be so bloody emo. There are people I know who are going through worse shit than I am, yet I still keep whinging and whinging and whinging. In a sense, though, I’m glad that most of my problems/demons are of my own making and that they begin and end with me. Of course, not all. But some. The vast majority.

It’s kinda odd, but I kinda feel bad for feeling bad. =/

But I guess we all have our troubles. We all have our secrets. We all have our demons. And they’re all as real to us as night and day, regardless of how trivial they may seem compared to other people’s. No, that doesn’t really excuse how much of a prat I’ve been, but… well…


I might be the only person on the planet who can feel bad about feeling bad!

clothespins yet again

Let’s hope tomorrow is a good day. I’ll be lonely and alone again, but I’ll have some cold pizza to wolf down, probably. Fun.

If only I had friends who lived nearby, like when I was back in Johor. Then, the scene’d be set for a par-tay.

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