minolta 50mm f/1.7 GET!

It arrived today, yes! After spending the morning pretty much emo-ing and after talking a bit on the phone with a friend (time does fly by when you’re having a nice conversation, you know,) I went outside to bring in the washing from yesterday (which is something I should’ve done yesterday, but, hey, since my mom isn’t around and I knew that nothing would get washed this morning I decided to put it off until today,) right, and lo and behold, what do I see?

A box near the doorstep. Which I didn’t actually pay much attention to first time ’round. But when I was just about to head into the house, things clicked and I went “oh wait no shit!”

Yes. It was the lens. Fortunately it was nicely packed and survived being thrown across the gate. Had me worried for a bit.

The lens is quality. Awesome. The focus ring is a bitch to operate, though, but it does autofocus nicely, so it’s not that huge of a problem. The lens feels quite sturdy and well-built, too. Although I haven’t experienced enough lenses to truly comment on that.

It didn’t come with a back cover, but since I’ll always have one lens on the camera I guess I’ll just share the one back cover I have between the two lenses. Good enough. The lens’ condition is quite good too, I might add. Seems to have been well taken care of.

Still not exactly a happy camper today (material goods only help so much,) but I guess at least two good things happened today. This lens, and another enjoyable conversation with a friend of mine, which helped me get over the odd loneliness I felt this morning.

Needless to say, it’s days like these when you begin to appreciate having other people in the house, even if you never really talk to them. At least they’re there.

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