there are objects and objects

It rained again today. Which would have been a good thing, except for the fact that I had plans and wanted to head over to One Utama. Which I did eventually do, due to the fact that the rain wasn’t all that heavy at all. I went there with my mother and my brother, who had their own agenda, while I was there to, uh, just walk around, maybe snap photos as well as see if the Guitar Collection there had any normal top/heavy bottom string sets (which they did, yay!)

Ended up buying a pack of those and two ESP picks (which I personally love, even if they are slightly expensive at RM3 a pop) for RM28, which, even when taking into acount bus fares, is cheaper than heading over to Bentley’s and buying strings there. Was thinking about a new guitar strap as well, but that can wait.

I also took a look at this one shop selling house/room decorations called, uh… Room, I think. Nice stuff. Made me think of decorating my room. I would love that set of disco-ey lights that they had. Whoo! While I was mentioning all that to a friend, I remembered the fact that I could, of course, provide some of my own decorations by printing out some of my photos, framing them up and hanging them on my walls. Nifty, eh? Decorating your walls with your own photos.

I might even see if some people would be willing to pay for said “decorations.” Potential money-making venture, eh? I could probably get my friends (and, hell, maybe even my lecturers) to buy some. Not that I’d be making much money, but still… you gotta start somewhere, eh? I don’t think my photos would command high prices in the first place anyway. We’ll see.

rainy day

Bought a book by Murakami, too. Picked the one (of many) that had the most interesting blurb on the back, which, to me, at that moment, was “Norwegian Wood.” Seems like it’ll be awesome. I’ll admit that I’m not entirely familiar with Murakami, but hey, better late than never! I’ll probably finish up Awang Goneng’s “Growing Up in Trengganu” before moving on to the Murakami book. But then, there’s Ken Bruen’s “Cross” and Neil Gaiman’s “Anansi Boys” to read as well. Ah. Love.

There was this moment while I was waiting for the bus back from OU where I had this perfectly composed photo in my mind involving tiles and a certain lady’s bare legs, but, fuck, I didn’t really have the guts to go for it. Besides, she kept staring in my direction a lot, which made it almost impossible to try anything. Maybe I’ll get someone to model for me next time. I don’t think I have any friends who’d be wanting to wear hotpants and provide some bare legs to me, though.

Haha. But, then, who knows?

Bloody hell, I’m almost looking forward to classes starting again.

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