Today was a very enjoyable day. I went to a sort of picnic-y thing with three other friends at the park near the Taman Paramount LRT station. We, well, stuffed ourselves, I guess, and then played a couple of rounds of truth or dare again. Many, uh, “interesting” questions were asked for the “truth” bits, but hey, what happens in Taman Aman stays in Taman Aman, so I won’t be talking about those much.

Food was good, hanging out with them was good. Many photos were taken, by me and a friend (Using my camera, still,) but it’s not really unexpected that they’re not exactly artistic/technically great/whatever. Today was more about recording an experience than, say, taking artistic photos. Not that they’re not good photos, no, but they’re not the kind of photos that you’d find in formal art events or crap like that.

This one is nice, though:

take a bite

(Yes, I have returned to the realm of colour!)

We went to Low Yat after that, pissed about a bit, looked at laptops and stuff. Managed to make a quick jaunt over to Sg. Wang, where, I, amazingly, managed to not get lost and get us to Chambers Music without much trouble. Our schedule didn’t allow for a visit to Bentley’s, though. Not that I’d really want to go there anyway, but one of said friends is looking to pick up guitar and I thought it’d be nice to just get a feel for prices at various music stores.

I was hoping another friend of ours would be joining, but she couldn’t, sadly. A genuine bummer, really. Dissapointed, I was, last night. It was made worse by the fact that it decided to rain heavily at around 2 am over here. Thankfully it didn’t last until today. Really, though, there haven’t been ANY signs of rain here for what must be a couple of weeks now, and all of a sudden, the night before a planned activity with friends, it decides to rain. Thankfully it didn’t rain until the morning, though. Would have made for major suckiness.

I really really really enjoy hanging out with friends, particularly these. I feel really comfortable with them. And, really, it is quite fun to burst out in laughter together after spotting a sign saying “Klinik Kok.” Hahaha.

No other way to say this: I love my friends. I do. I do I do I do. Haha.

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