invalid litter dept.

My brother recently bought one of these dealies, and I have to say, it is pretty awesome. But, bloody hell, playing a racing sim with that is pretty tough. For sure. Couple that with the fact that I am rubbish at nearly anything that involves having to go fast around corners and stuff, and it all turns into an occasionally not-very-enjoyable experience.

But I’ll be damned if it isn’t much more addictive than using a gamepad (Or, God forbid, a keyboard.) I’ve been putting lots of crappy laps in playing various racing games on my brother’s computer, mostly rFactor, and, God, it’s such a humbling experience, to have to struggle to put in a half-decent time when my brother can just sit down and knock, on average, 3 or 4 seconds off my lap time. And that’s if I manage to put in a lap at all.

Haha, maybe I’m just not cut out for this “racing” thing. But it’s like acting, perhaps. I’m crap at it, but there’s something about it I undeniably enjoy. Even if I spend as much time in gravel traps as I do on the track.

Life’s been pretty good in general recently. Mid-semester holidays are coming up, and my friends and I are planning/hoping to be able to spend another day out and about sometime. Since I’m not involved in the planning, it might go smoothly. I cock up plans with regularity. Haha.

Between Wednesday’s day out at One Utama and Thursday’s mighty enjoyable Chinese New Year lunch-cum-event-cum-whatever, I really feel like I . . . “belong” here now. I’ve got great, great friends here, and I am enjoying myself. Perhaps I’m enjoying being alive.

I honestly feel like kicking myself for taking this long to realize that I do have great friends here, friends who are just as great as the ones I used to have (And, sadly, who I feel like I’m slowly, slowly losing touch with,) and friends that seem to enjoy having me around.

So, yeah. Life’s enjoyable right now. Let’s hope it stays that way. =]

Oh, and since photos of me with other people seem to be exceedingly rare these days, I’ll include this one for posterity:

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