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what do a group of university kids like to do at fast food restaurants?

another one of these

Aside from eat, of course.


Haha, play truth or dare, that’s what! I was at the A&W in One Utama yesterday with a group of friends, and out of the blue one of them suggested that we play two rounds of truth or dare. Needless to say, much hilarity and noise ensued, including one of us having to stand on a chair and sing the national anthem (Which she forgot!), another one of us having to stick a straw in his nose for 15 seconds (Haha, I came up with that), and another one of us having to walk from one end of the A&W to the other and then double back to where we were while balancing her purse on her head:

balancing act

I would not be able to do that at all. I got something much simpler. I had to stuff all the leftover straws (and there were quite a few) in my mouth for 15 seconds. Of course, that wasn’t crazy enough for me so I decided to try and drink some root beer using all of said straws. Not a smart thing to do, by any stretch of the imagination. Fortunately I was dissuaded from trying to suck root beer up my nose.

Yes, when I’m with friends I guess I go a bit crazy.

And even without that truth or dare I guess we’d have had lots of fun just sitting and cracking jokes. I got sprayed with root beer when I wrongly timed a joke, which was, uh . . . great. Haha.


Also took lots of photos, most of which are pretty good but not exactly the kind of photos I’d put on flickr. Except for the ones in this blog post . . . and perhaps a few which I’ve missed.


It was really great to just be out and about with friends, doing some silly things and having loads of fun. Sure, early on it seemed like things weren’t going to be much fun, but a change in plans led to us (I’ll just assume we all had fun and use “us”) having loads more fun than if, say, half of us had decided to watch a movie and half of us go bowling or something like that.

First time I’ve ever been out and about with friends from uni, perhaps.

Reminds me of hanging out with my old friends back in Johor. Yeah.

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