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i’m a cult hero, paid my dues.

Today has been quite a good day, notwithstanding the bloody painful attack of cramp I got at, what, 9 in the bloody morning (while I was asleep, no less), which rendered my right leg about as useful as a wooden 2×4, but about twice as painful. Not fun, no, not when your toes and ankle still hurt quite a bit. Trying to stretch the aforementioned leg and pointing my toes upward (as I normally do) didn’t help much. Hell, my muscles cramped up again when I did that, and my toes, of course, hurt like hell, what with still being slightly swollen with some badly injured muscles.

Oh yeah, I don’t think I ever mentioned this on here, right?

I dislocated the middle toe on my right foot on Sunday. Much fun. Very exciting experience. Quite bloody painful at that. I don’t think I’ll bother to finish that free verse poem I talked about a couple of entries before: it’s probably crap. And I just can’t be bothered. Ha!

pick a card

My photography’s taken a bit of a backseat since the incident, for reasons that may be obvious to even my primary school-level readers. Not that I have many of those, that is.

I’m still waiting on my set of Bicycle Shadow Masters cards (oooh black cards oh my), but my brother’s shipment of cards arrived, and since he ordered two sets of normal Bicycle cards I decided to borrow one of them in the meantime and work on my rusty card tricks.

As you might imagine, I’m quite horrible at them, except for those nifty self-working and/or simple-as card tricks. Those I can do. I guess I’m quite awkward with my hands, except when playing guitar and when, uh… yeah. Don’t think I want to go there.

I still need to finish that last book in Ken Bruen’s (“masterful,” as they say) “White” trilogy. I love the two books before this one (moreso “Taming the Alien” than “A White Arrest”), and I think I need to find myself more of Bruen’s books.

They are, indeed, right up my alley.

I tried to write this entry in a much more upbeat style. I think it’s fun, occasionally.

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