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a letter to ms. attraction

Right now, I’m honestly finding poems to be a nicer way to attempt to express myself than via short stories or, in general, prose. Sure, I may not be much good at poetry, but it’s, well . . . fun-ish. Sure, I know nothing about meter or things like that, but hey, I’ll write my bloody poems however the fuck I want to!

Yeah, this poem is somewhat personal. It’s me trying to, well, make sense of what I’m feeling right now… by putting it into half-assed poetry. Writing it felt good, it really did. The subject of this poem, attraction, and its effects, have been such an integral part of my daily life recently that, well, maybe I’d write a piece of poetry for it.

Which is a bit wierd, perhaps, but what the fuck.


ah, attraction,
how you perplex me so,
with your immunity to distraction,
what you are exactly I do not know.

“what is this that I feel?
are these feelings even real?”
the words bounce about in my head
while I’m awake and while I lay in bed.

I do not know the answer;
the questions creep over me like cancer.

when I am in your grip, I
stop thinking straight, I
overreact and overanalyze and I
make a fool out of myself, do I.

and these emotions,
they never make any sense,
and they always eliminate any notions
of logic and common sense.

but I would not want to feel any other way,
for it brings life to these dull, dull days.

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