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last night was a bad night.

There are things in life I know too little about, things I wish I knew more about. There are things that scare me just because I know far too little about them. I’m afraid that there are things I should know, but I don’t. Yes, I’m afraid. And worried.

I kept waking up last night due to nightmares related to these things. Or, even, “this thing”. I’m not sure. While I’m perfectly content with not knowing how to calculate an object’s acceleration over a certain period of time (I do, actually), but these things that I’m vaguely talking about, well, I’m not. I wish I did. In part, at least. More than I do now.

It’s not really in my hands, though. Not entirely, at least.

Which is a good reason for me to just chill the fuck out and try and enjoy things. Put this all at the back of my mind.

But you know me. That just not me.

Oh well. I’ll try.

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