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thoughts about photography.

Simply put, I love photography. I do. I love that thrill I feel when I snap a nice photo as well as that great feeling of satisfaction I get when I sit down in front of the computer, look through the day’s photos and find one that I really like.

It’s just… fun, really, to be able to capture what my eyes see. To be able to capture how I see things, via the wonderful contraption known as a “camera.”

What’s even better, really, is finding beauty and attractiveness in everyday surroundings. Urban fragments, abstract lines, patterns, stuff like that. While I, like most, do enjoy taking photos of already-beautiful subjects, it’s really not my thing: I don’t really do landscapes and flowers and things that are already beautiful. With the exception of portraits, of course. I do love photographing beautiful faces.

Essentially, I try and find beauty in the small, simple things. And that’s really quite fun.

Thank God for photography.

And a lot of other things in my life.

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