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things i did today.


I went to Bukit Bintang for the first time in ages today. Wanted to buy myself a new pair of shoes, and I got what I wanted quickly enough. The shoes troubled me for most of the day, but once I got back home I re-did the laces and, yeah, they’re now pretty comfortable. Needless to say, they’re cheap knockoffs, since I do not have the cash to spring for RM200+ pairs of shoes (I really only wear skate shoes, just because I find ’em comfortable, and, yeah, sizes for me are easy-ish to find). Someday, though, someday.

Got my eye on a pair of Fallen Bandits in oxblood and black. The (overpriced?) RM300 pricetag is a huge bummer, though. Really, really huge.

Bought a set of Ernie Ball normal top heavy bottom strings as well. I like ’em. I did one of my signature crap stringing jobs, but hey, it stays in tune so who cares how ugly the string posts look? Methinks I should buy a stringwinder. Hmm.

It was great that there weren’t actually that many people at Sg. Wang today. I guess it was a combination of it being a Thursday and the day right after a public holiday. Haha. Of course, someone I know went there yesterday, and, well, haha. =p

(No offence, my friend.)

i don't know who came up with these seats, but...

The worst thing, though, was the signature KL afternoon heat. Bloody hell, it was hot. When I stepped out of the monorail it was like a wall of hot air just hit me straight in the face. Not very comfortable, as you would imagine. But, hey, that’s KL for you.

Maybe I’ll write one of my introspective, thinking-man blog entries about KL sometime soon. Maybe.

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