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come on, people, keep your friends close, your enemies won’t matter in the end.

As much of a loner as I think I am, I have recently begun to realize that, yeah, sometimes I just need to be with friends, to see people I actually like being around. Yeah, perhaps some people will scoff and go “pffft” or maybe even go “so, what, you’ve only realized that now?” but yeah, I have. And I’m not afraid to admit that fact. I’m not going to pose and try and give off an air that I don’t need anyone but myself, because I’ve gotten sick of that. It’s really all just a huge sham.

It’s my friends (and, yes, a particular friend as well) that helped me dig myself out of the rut I had gotten myself into, and for that I owe them a lot. Sure, maybe they didn’t do anything special, maybe they didn’t actively give me a hand, but they sure as hell helped by just being themselves. And they there when I needed them. And there sure as hell were moments when I really, really did.

Sure, they all have their own lives to live, their own problems to work out, but I have enough faith in them to know that they’ll always be around in some capacity or another when I need them. And vice-versa. That’s what friends are for, I guess.

No, I’m not saying that I need them all of the time, to help me with everything. No. Some things you just have to settle on your own, and some things just need to remain secrets, but sometimes you just need to see your friends. To talk, to laugh, to see a familiar, likeable face. Really, sometimes it’s the simple things like that make my entire day.

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