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weezer – pinkerton

I love this album. Love. Sure, Rivers hates it, and it got a lot of flak when it was released, but I really love it all the same.

The production is brilliantly raw but not exactly lo-fi, which is nice. But really, I’d probably still like this album even if it had a basement-bin production à la Vlad Tepes or any number of kvlt black metal bands. Just as long as it was still LOUD.

Because that’s the only way I listen to it. Loud. Very loud.

The songs on this album are brilliant, really. Fucking brilliant. Rivers really knows how to write songs, and this album as a whole exemplifies that fact more than any other album of theirs. Songs like “The Good Life”, “Across the Sea” and “Butterfly” are so awesome they make me want to cry. Figuratively, that is.

There’s something to be said about the fact that while the (brilliantly-written, I might add) lyrics are so painfully introspective and personal, one can’t help but sing along to them, regardless. It’s a contradiction, somewhat. It’s like emotional bloodletting via eating ice cream.

I can’t help but smile while singing along to the lyrics, regardless of how “emo” they are. They’re just, well, so bloody catchy. And smart. And well-written. And, fucking hell, I can relate to a lot of ’em.

The chorus of “El Scorcho” in particular is just, well, me.

No d/l link (my internet is being screwily slow) but there’s one on Hardcore for Nerds.

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