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funeral parade of roses.

I bought a Zoom Tri Metal recently. Cost me quite a bit, certainly more than a Boss MT2 would have cost me, but I think it was worth it. Sounds great when I’m hammering out cliche riff after cliche riff in my bedroom, and sounded great during last night’s jam session, where I played through a Kustom 100-watt stack with a 4×12″ cab. Still need to see how it sounds playing alongside another guitarist, but I’m sure I’ll get a chance to test it out in that context soon enough.

I’ll be getting a delay pedal next, leaning very much towards an Ibanez DE7. Hopefully soon-ish.

I’ve got exams coming. Don’t fucking feel like studying or doing anything much, really. Bad, I know. Real bad. English Proficiency 2 won’t be much of a problem but I’m really just worried about Intro. to Literature 1. Haven’t bothered to re-read anything, and everytime I try to I end up going “meh, I know how this goes” and do something else instead. I was never a big fan of re-reading.

Haha, in all honesty this exam crap’s got me quite nervous and worked up. Bothering me quite a bit, y’see.

(Of course, the fact that I’m still not happy about uni and crap isn’t helping much)

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