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so many people look for purpose in their lives, and it feels good to say that I’ve found mine.

Recite your memories
Hold on to your friends
Cling to the times you shared
Love what you did

Life Long Tragedy’s 2004 album “Destined for Anything” is, for me, one of those albums that are more than just music, more than just a series of notes and chords arranged in some sort of structure. No. It’s so much more than that.

Yes, the music is wonderful. They know a thing or two about crafting brilliant hardcore songs. Great riffs, perfectly-placed gang vocals, killer breakdowns and a fair share of melody all come together to form a very, very solid album. These songs are songs made for packed venues, for raised fists and for kids to shout along to. Basically, it’s what, to me, hardcore should be.

(I know, people will scoff at me for that, but that’s how I feel)

But what I love so much about the album are the lyrics. They are good. Very good. Yes, I hear you say, “good lyrics” and “hardcore” sometimes don’t go together, but in this case they do. Very well.

In a scene/genre where lyrics about the “scene” and politics and lifestyle choices dominate, it’s refreshing to read and hear lyrics that deal with much more familiar aspects: life, hardships, emotions, things that you and I can relate to. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve shouted along to the words, almost on the verge of tears (and sometimes crossing that oh-so-unmanly boundary,) knowing exactly how it feels, feeling somewhat relieved knowing that I’m not the only one that’s ever gone through these kinds of things. I can relate to them more than I ever could to lyrics about being “drug free” or about how much “so-and-so person/country/organizaton sucks.”

They’re lyrics I could have written… and that really says it all, doesn’t it?

One notable thing is that the lyrics don’t descend into full-blown outpourings of angst or depression. Yes, they deal with the more difficult aspects of life most of the time, yet they’re also very hopeful. Very… “posi,” I think the proper term is.

Fuck, I can’t do justice to anything I try to write about. Oh well.

Just read the lyrics and listen to the music and see for yourself.

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