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this song is about my dad raping my sister.

Toni! This Is Sal! has got a new EP coming out soon, most probably on Dadaist Audio. Pretty radical departure from my usual stuff, what with it being more in the electro-grind vein of, say, Gtuk and Cutting Pink with Knives. That track I posted earlier (“Hey Hey You You”) is a part of the EP, although I’ve tweaked the mix a bit and applied some much-needed effects (delay, mainly) to the vocal track so that it doesn’t stick out as much.

I’ve also been working on more new music, possibly for a full-length release. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of finishing it within this year also, which would make it, uh, 4 releases in a year. Haha. Mark of bad music, perhaps? I managed to come up with 2 tracks in a 24-hour span, which is pretty good productive much an indicator of the quality of the tracks. I won’t rule out composing one more tonight, although I do have other work to do… not that that’s ever stopped me. Not at all.

I’ve taken to wearing that cap of mine nearly everywhere now. I really quite like it and stuff. I may just try and obtain some more caps in the same style (basically, trucker caps/hats) just so that I can change things up and shit. Maybe some different colours too. I could colour-coordinate and shit. Haha. Yeah right.

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