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everything she touched… turned to death.

I got good news tonight. No class tomorrow. Which means I won’t be at college tomorrow (unless one of my friends calls me up and wants to hang out and shit), which means that I, fortunately, will most probably not be seeing the object of my on/off infatuation. Which is always good. I don’t really like feeling all gaga about someone, especially when I know (or, at least, think I do) that there’s next-to-no chance of anything really significant happening. Why do I always end up falling for the wrong people? Damn.

There are moments when I feel a… yearning (if that’s the right word) for some sort of romantic-ish relationship-thingy, but sometimes I just tell myself “fuck that shit, man” and, with a re-awakened spirit, say stuff like “I don’t need no stinking girlfriend: I got my music, my friends, myself and that’s all I need!” Of course, depending on how things go, that doesn’t last very long. Then, of course, it all happens again. Over and over. Like the most annoying locked groove ever.

Of course, like any self-respecting nerd/geek, I am pretty much clueless when it comes to females, which makes all of this just that much more fun. And exciting. Whoo!

Really, though, I should stop worrying about this shit. Instead, I should be worrying about how this album is probably turning my brain into mush:

Basically, this album is FUCKING AWESOME. It’s some sort of hard-as-nails breakcore/gabba mix, and has this element of light-heartedness which is always fun when the music’s this fucking hard. I’ve been rocking the album so fucking hard since I downloaded it today. This kind of shit would make me want to go to any club, any day of the week (and I really dislike clubs/clubbing!)

This shit’d scare the living daylights out of your average club-goer, which is always, always nice.

I also downloaded 1905‘s 2002 album “Voice” from here and I have to say, it is also FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Nothing like the aformentioned Ladyscraper album, but most probably in the same realm of awesomeness.

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