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she said "hello! hi, these photos are mine."

Today I overcame a last-minute bout of lethargy today and went to Central Market to take a look around the “Art for Grabs” exhibition-thingy. I spent quite a bit of time there, listened to some good music, looked at a lot of nice paintings/photos and bought 2 items (along with the two CDs I grabbed at, where else, the Ricecooker Shop.) Got myself a nice cap by Black Fryday (what can I say, I’m a sucker for stencils!) and a DVD: “The Amber Sexology”, which is a series of 6 short films by Azharr Rudin. The blurb on the back seemed mighty interesting, so I decided to go for it. Haven’t watched it yet, that’s for tomorrow.

The t-shirts there were really awesome, but I, for some reason, really didn’t feel like getting t-shirts. Besides, I had a feeling that there wouldn’t be any in XXL sizes. Maybe sometime else, hm. Met some nice people (photographers, mainly) there, which was nice. Talked with ’em a bit, learned more about their photos, stuff like that. I toyed with the idea of buying some, but really, we don’t have any frames at home and I’m not sure what the house owner’s standpoint on us nailing nails into his walls is. Wish I had bought some though, just because I need to increase my “art fag” quotient.

In terms of music, I bought Silbato‘s 2002 self-titled release as well as the Maharajah Commission‘s “Dialogue Amoureux”. Silbato are pretty ace, for sure. Kinda undecided on Maharajah Commission right now, but I’m leaning more towards the “like” side, particularly since they’re that kind of band, y’know. Either you love ’em or you hate ’em, and the immature rebel inside of me wants to like ’em just because most people won’t.

Going out alone is both good and bad. Good in the sense that there’s no need for any group decisions on where to go (well, when you’re out on the town in groups of 4 or 5), no need to endlessly keep talking or stuff, no need to really accommodate anyone else’s tastes/plans/desires… basically it’s just you, what you wanna do, where you wanna go. Simple as. But, at the same time, it’s perhaps kind of boring, not having to deal with anyone else. I don’t go out to end up walking while deep in thought, but that just happens way too often when I’m walking about alone. I’m just like that. And, frankly, if I want to people watch I can just head over to the Giant nearby and walk about. Or just park my ass at any of the restaurants near there.

Y’know, I kept hoping to suddenly see a familiar face at the event today, and that feels kinda sad.

My Toni! This Is Sal! t-shirt has been getting some good comments (mainly relayed to me via the couple of blokes who have a pair), and it’s got me thinking about staying with that aesthetic for all of my original designs. I got this idea of having the designs feature stick figures in various slightly macabre situations, just to continue the theme of that first design (which would be a row of stick figures hanging from trees). Maybe stick figures jumping off cliffs? Shooting themselves in the head? Hmmm. Must think more on that one.

I can’t draw for shit, but I’d like to think I have some sort of talent in cobbling together things and editing things and stuff. So I’ll probably keep the drawings simple and instead come up with some notable designs/situations/compositions/whatever-ions. Kinda like my old musical work: sample this breakbeat, this melody loop, this dialogue, add some original stuff, cobble together in perhaps a slightly odd fashion, and there ya go.

Y’know, I really think that this whole “art” thing is what I really like in life. Music, design, photography, that sort of stuff. Problem is, I’m probably quite crap at most of that stuff. Methinks I need a bit more self-esteem.



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