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love lost butterscotch.

Today was pretty nice.

A friend of mine called me up, asking about the software I use to make all the Toni! This Is Sal! shit. He then proceeds to tell me that a friend of his brother happened to ask him about the CDr of mine he had, and liked what he heard. Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but my friend goes on to say that the bloke also does electo-stuff and (if I heard him correctly), worked in some capacity at Zouk and Sugar and places like that. Which made me go “hmmm… interesting..” in my best Mr. Burns impersonation.

Okay, not really. I’m kinda excited, because, well, who knows what’ll happen. Maybe nothing (which wouldn’t actually be all that bad — I mean, I’m happy enough that people like my stuff), but well… there’s always the chance of something.

I also got two more people who want that Toni! This Is Sal! t-shirt. Heheh, you may just see a bloke in a Toni! This Is Sal! t-shirt performing on Friday, November 16th. Heee. I’ll probably head off to buy the needed blank t-shirts on Wednesday, after class. Now, what needs to be done is a group shot with everyone in the same t-shirt. Ahahaha.

I should use these recent happenings to help me in the self-esteem department, but yeah… you know me.

Now, I’m just hoping that I don’t end up fucking myself up tomorrow and Wednesday. God knows, these feelings. One day I can be alright and “I think I’m not really into her” and the next day, BAM.

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