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goddamn you half-japanese girls.

I fired up FL Studio for the first time in ages tonight, partly out of boredom and partly to try and transform this idea I had in my head into real music, something which I’m notoriously bad at.

As expected, I didn’t exactly make my ideas a reality, but I somehow managed to crap out a simple, kinda-catchy 3 minute ‘choon in some sort of electrogrindpop (ahaha) style. I guess it’s something like Cutting Pink With Knives and (maybe) Drums Like Machine Guns, but infinitely crappier, especially in the vocal department. Yes, I, with my sore throat and complete lack of vocal skills (I can only scream when the music’s live and FUCKING LOUD), attempted to lay down a vocal track. And, in all honesty, I haven’t improved one fucking bit.

As in the “old days”, I slapped on some distortion to my vocals to add some “spice” and make ’em not suck total balls, but they’re still kinda cringeworthy. And, for some strange reason, are quite high up in the mix too.


I feel kinda upbeat, y’know!

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