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the poem for everyone’s souls

I still haven’t gotten around to writing an entry about what I did during my week-long Raya break, which is what I shall now do. Come to think of it, I don’t really need a whole entry to do so. I mean, all I did was lounge around, read Emily Brontë’s “Wuthering Heights” (which I found enjoyable, although it is by no means a “light” read; more on that later, I guess), eat quite a lot and play some Pro Evo (mandatory, of course). I also managed to get myself some posters to adorn my naked walls. I’m not entirely sure why I bought a Final Fantasy XII poster even though I don’t really like it (well, not the characters) and haven’t played it much, but what-the-fuck-ever. 3 for RM10, I couldn’t help myself!

(yes, bootleg posters. quality’s quite good regardless though)

I am by no means a festive person, so I didn’t really do the whole “meet-and-greet” and visiting friends/relatives thing. Some people just don’t get that, but that’s just me. I don’t know what to say about that, really.

About “Wuthering Heights”, well, I thought that it was a good novel. The (somewhat complicated) story and narrative was handled quite well, and the characters felt really quite “real” and each of them had something that I disliked in them. For some that might not be a good thing, but for me it is: I think it helps ground the novel in reality. The dislike I felt for the characters was of a much more “human” dislike, that of irritating habits and manners as opposed to that dislike of evil and the “enemy” that is much more common in novels and movies.

I feel that the whole “Heathcliff taking revenge” thing is handled in a nice way. Instead of it being some sort of triumphant, cathartic payback for the once-maligned character (a revenge is sometimes portrayed), in this case it is more of a spiteful, slow, vicious wearing down of his old tormentors, like stabbing a person in the back and twisting the knife slowly. Which, again, may be a serious negative point for some, but I liked it.

And just for the record, I really disliked both Catherines. More than Heathcliff or Hindley or whomever.

Anyway, that’s that I guess. On to present issues.

I have a cough. A pretty bad one. Not fun, and I prognosticate (haha!) a fever coming along soon. Hopefully I’ll be able to sit for my quiz-cum-midterm exams on Friday and Saturday without much trouble. Hopefully.

I’ve also started playing Persona 3 again, and I’m making some (slow) progress through the story. In the interests of not spoiling the story too much* for anyone reading this, I’ll only mention that I’m just past the whole part where two of the party members’ Personas were “upgraded”/”awakened”/whatever. Good voice acting and script. Yes. I’m going to try and finish it sometime soon, because I want to start playing FFXII again, and I don’t think I can/want to handle 2 RPGs at the same time.

It’s also made me listen to much more Shoji Meguro than I’d imagine myself listening to — the P3 soundtrack is ace.

Got more designs too. Nothing original this time, though. I really like them, particularly the Battle Royale one, and will probably ask my screenprinting friend to print it on a t-shirt.

I’m not too sure about the colours for the Scarface one, maybe it’d look nice as white on black instead? I’ll play around with it. The text in the House of 1000 Corpses image is a bit screwy, I’ll have a mess about it and try to fix it. I have to say, though, that yellow on black looks good.

*still spoils things, but well, what can ya do?

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