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they say that teenagers scare the living shit outta me

My computer’s in the shop again and I’m probably only going to get it back on Monday at the earliest. I’m missing it very much, for sure. That’s to be expected, of course. And I was just getting into some sort of a creative groove, too. Ah well. I’ll be able to resume soon enough, I hope.

I came up with 3 more wallpapers before I sent my computer to the shop, and I’ve decided to put up one of them, because, well, just because.

Yeah, it’s one of those “pattern backgrounds with image somewhere in the wallpaper” wallpapers, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look pretty fucking awesome. Background pattern is from The Inspiration Gallery, the photo is Girl with the Tool by _cr_, polaroid-ed via rawimage‘s Polaroid Generator PS action files.

The other two don’t feature photos licenced under Creative Commons licences, so I’ll probably be keeping them strictly for personal use. Which is probably some sort of copyright violation in itself, come to think of it.

In other, semi-related news, I spent a good part of Thursday night messing about with colour combinations for t-shirts, showing them off to a friend of mine who offered her opinions as well in regards to the colours. I still need to see what colour t-shirts are available, but these following combinations look pretty tasty:

Somewhat typical, but brown on pink is just so awesome. Also, that teal looked much more like dark blue on my monitor…

Got a couple more ideas, but can’t do much until I get my computer back. =(

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