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burn my dread

I’ve been in some sort of inspired mood recently, perhaps in part due to the week-long absence from sitting in front of my computer wasting away. Managed to come up with two new potential t-shirt designs (of the image + caption variety) as well as two wallpapers, which I guess fall into the “vector wallpapers” style. Nothing groundbreaking.

Nearly everything in this one is from innovativebliss’ City Vectors brush set for Photoshop, with the exception of the line brush in the background, which is from PhysicalMagic’s Vector Line Brushes 2 set.

Really simple, this one. Another brush from the aforementioned Vector Line Brushes 2 set, as well as a vectorized image of Ken performing a hadouken. Simple, but it works, so hey.

The next two are the t-shirt designs I came up with. Very simple fare, because frankly this kind of stuff is the only stuff I can really come up with (never was talented at “proper” designing, mind you).

I really like the first one. Really. I’m thinking that red on black would look nice. Or white on black. Or black on light blue (for the second one, particularly). I’ll figure it out once/if they’ll end up becoming proper t-shirts.

Anyone interested in t-shirts featuring either two of these designs or the “This is not a Green Day t-shirt” one I made up earlier?

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