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all our colours will always be with us.

Tonight I’m just bored. There’s nothing that I really need to express, no angst I need to get rid of, no depression I need to talk/write myself out of. I’m just thinking in the form of letters, words and sentences, tryign to make sense of some of the jumbled thoughts waltzing around in my head.

I don’t really talk to people about my thoughts much, so writing is really the only way for me to go. I was never comfortable with talking about more personal stuff. I’m not even that eloquent when talking about random shit or doing a presentation. Sure, I can talk decently enough, but writing just feels so much more natural for me. And I’m probably better at it too, judging by what some people have been saying recently.

I’m quite surprised, actually, that people are saying I write particularly well. I never thought of myself as a good writer (I cringe when I read some of the stuff I’ve written — even the more recent pieces), either. And no, I’m not just being modest (not that I’d ever flaunt and show off, but yeah). I’m seriously surprised that people think I write well — much like how surprised I am at how much some people like(d) my various musical endeavours.

I know, some people will read this and think that I’m faking all this, but, well, I guess that’s just human nature. I’d think the same thing, really, unless I knew that person real well. And, when I think about it, I don’t know anyone “real well”.

Ah, but that’s for another day.

Probably won’t be posting here for a few days, as I’m heading off (balik kampung, yeah)in a couple of hours and I don’t forsee having an Internet connection where I’ll be. Not that I’d really want to write up a blog post somewhere else other than my room here, of course.

Tried it once. Felt horribly uncomfortable and insecure.

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