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collections, vol. 1

This is basically just the results of a nostalgia-filled trip through around 4 gigabytes’ worth of photos. Photos of me, photos by me, photos by people who were with me, that kinda stuff. Hardly a “best of” though. Like a compilation where the tracks are selected via some sort of arbitrary and esoteric criteria that no-one really is able to figure out.

Yeah, I miss the old days, that goes without saying, but I feel that I can finally let the past rest and work towards my vague and uncertain future.

(watch as I spend tonight emo-ing about the people and places I’ve left)

Occasionaly lengthy comments when I feel like them.

One of my “best” photos, according to friends (in particular the subject of this one). I quite like it myself. One of the highlights of the many photos taken when we hung out together (nearly every other evening, come to think of it.)

The only pic from my school days in this post — maybe I’ll make another one someday with more of them. I rate this as one of my best photos, and a handful of people agree with me. One of my few photos on flickr to be faved by someone else, too. Shame about the crappy camera/quality, but hey, what can ya do.

Rockin’ out late at night. Photo from a somewhat fruitful songwriting session with my cousins (and brother).

Lamest attempt at imitating Auron ever, yeah. My brother’s on the left. This was at some beach in Terengganu, forget the name. Pantai Air Tawar or something like that? Taken just after a dip.

Actor/actress/crew of the school’s English drama team. 2nd year we entered, failed again at the second hurdle. I was a sort of senior advisor-cum-fucking busybody. Didn’t act (filled in during some practices though) or have anything to do with the script.

…which reminds me, I had this idea kicking around in my head about a re-write/remake of the script. Or even of the one that I acted in. I don’t think I have the original though. Which is, well, slightly worrying.

Actors from aforementioned drama/play. Except the guy in glasses in the back. Tagged along to watch, just like me.

It was a really nice experience, being involved in all the rehearsals and preparations and shit. Even tried my hand at motivating the actors/actresses/crew, to (probably) some degree of success. I’d make a crappy director/manager, though.

I wish we had taken photos for the one that I acted in. No record at all of that one, except for a group photo taken after we had gotten 2nd place in the zone-level comp.

In my friend’s car, in the middle of JB, on a hot afternoon, stuck in a jam with the air-conditioner not working. I still loved riding around in his Mini though, regardless.

In yer face innit! I don’t know why this is here, other than the fact that it makes me smile when I think about it. That, and it was an awesome experience just hanging out with friends until, like, 3am, eating nuts and various unhealthy snacks as well consuming an unhealthy amount of soft drinks.

Oh God my hair. 8am or thereabouts. :posemode:

The following pics were taken at Danga Bay, where we were supposed to be attending a friend’s gig which was delayed for quite a while because of the rain (outdoor venue, y’see). We ended up leaving before the show even started. :(

What teens do when they have a camera, are walking around a place with nice scenery and have nothing useful to do:

Yeah, :posemode: again, but it’s a nice (albeit out-of-focus) photo. This’d make a nice band photo, methinks — if it was done right and all. Proper focus etc.

When we were looking through the day’s photos, that sweet wrapper in the foreground looked like a RM50 note, and we were all “auuuuuugh!!!!” until we took a closer look.

I like this one. Simple but quite pleasing on the eye. Although I may only be saying that because, well, I took it.

One of my favourite group photos (amongst the ones I’m in, that is). I don’t know why I liked to crouch so much back then, though. My knees certainly didn’t like it. Nice pose there, lady~

Another group photo, taken as the day was saying goodbye and the night was brushing it’s teeth and getting ready for its shift. I’m pretty sure a couple of people were staring at us and stuff. Who fucking cares.

The sad thing is that I probably won’t be able to make another one of these next year with photos from 2007. At least, not with photos this many, and certainly not with photos that carry as much significance for me. When you only see your friends for around 3 hours a day, and not necessarily every day at that, your bonds just don’t get as tight as when you see them day in day out at school.

I guess it’s nice to be able to stay at home and all, but I’ll be damned if I don’t feel kinda lonely. I don’t really have a close friend these days. Time and distance has somewhat weakened my bonds with my old mates from school, and my reluctance to head down there (see this post for my half-assed reason(s) as to why I feel that way) during the holidays deprives me of chances to strengthen said bonds.


On a lighter note, a friend of mine told me during class on Wednesday that I was fairly hairy for a Malay fella and then, later on, proceeded to say that she liked hairy guys.

I’m sure she didn’t mean anything significant, but that was like


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