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amen brother!

I’ve been on a real digital hardcore/breakcore binge lately, raping my bandwith (and ears, but that’s for later) by downloading lots of stuff from D-Trash and A Klass. Basically, I’m nearly always downloading something.

I have to say, this is a real nostalgia trip. Digital hardcore/breakcore was my first real exposure to the more extreme side of electronic music and releases from bands/projects like Schizoid, Contra, Knar, k5k, Anti-Kati and the like really influenced both my early, abortive attempts at composing music as well as set the tone for my current taste in music.

Back then it was almost like I was studying releases like Contra’s “Social Darwinism” and Knar’s “Neo-Industrial Zombie”, trying to pick up some techniques or ideas in order to use in my own music. Of course, I eventually managed to put my own (crappy) spin on the noise/dhc/breakcore/industrial thingy, but without the influence of the aformentioned albums, artists and labels I doubt I’d have really gotten far.

I can’t help but feel a sense of deja vu right now though. Yeah, the situation’s a bit different (since I’d consider myself now a decent musician/composer and schtuff) but I won’t deny that I’m also somewhat trying to find some sort of inspiration via all these massively distorted and chopped breakbeats, vocal samples and odd synth lines.

Perhaps it’s time to start revisiting the wonderful (albeit rigid) world of breakbeats in my music. Chop ’em up a bit, distort them to hell and back and whoa! Sex.

I also have this dream of one day performing live in a duo or trio or whatever with a drummachine, a guitar, some hollow metal objects (Neubauten liek wut) and obscenely loud volumes. Feedback all over the place, gabba beats (or even breakbeats, wutev), lots of banging on metal objects, tortured guitar wrangling and a whole load of no people.

It’s art, dammit!

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