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with man gone, will there be hope for gorilla?

I’ve been toying with the idea of putting some Toni! This Is Sal! t-shirts out. Not a lot… probably very few, in fact. Unless I get some concrete, confirmed orders of course. I never managed to send out even one CD-R, y’know. Might just bring some over to the Ricecooker Shop and see if they end up selling. Small chance of that happening.

I’m contemplating either one of the following designs for the t-shirt (if it ever happens, that is):

I quite like both, to be honest. The first one looks somehow better, but the second one would probably really grab some attention. Of course, there’s also the Gerogerigegegege-inspired Darkthrone ripoff logo:

Ahahaha. It’s too small though (couldn’t find any large images of the Darkthrone logo), so I’d probably have to vectorize it in Inkscape and stuff, but I’d lose some detail. Most people wouldn’t “get” it though, which is kind of a shame.

Mind you, none of this is even in the planning phase yet. Just an idea, although I do have two people who’d be interested in a T!TIS! t-shirt. Ah, we’ll see. Maybe I’ll take some orders from overseas too, although.. shipping.. aaaugh.

Haven’t made any music in a while. I should start working on some tracks, mess around, see what comes up. The problem with my approach to electronic music, though, is that it’s very rigid and doesn’t lend itself well to just random messing about to see what sounds good. Well, not really.

Perhaps that’s a common problem for most electronic music?

I also swung by the Ricecooker Shop today and bought Graf Orlock’s “Destination Time Yesterday” CD. It’s pretty nice. Kinda technical, but not overly so. They remind me a bit of Killwhitneydead, primarily due to their heavy usage of movie samples. I really like the design of the booklet and stuff as well. Good quality, as you’d probably expect from Level Plane, eh.

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