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prepare for metamorphosis. ready, kafka?

Dear God I love Football Manager 2007.

I also hate it, but that goes hand-in-hand, as anyone who’s ever played it for a decent length of time will attest to. I’ve been ignoring my previous gaming addiction (Persona 3) and once again losing myself in the hectic world of football management.

After a couple of abortive games I decided to once again pursue a career under the Spanish sun, this time with Atletico Madrid on the FMFormation database update, which meant that, while I lost a quality left winger in Petrov and a quality forward in Torres, I did get two Garcias (Raul and Luis) as well as Simao and Reyes in return. Solid side, really. Decided to play an attacking 4-2-3-1 formation, as I had the players to do so quite well (or so I thought.)

Nearing the end of my fourth season, and I think I’ve been alright. Won the UEFA Cup in my first season, but wasn’t even close to challenging for the Primera Division title (finished 4th behind the usual suspects of Barca, Real Madrid and Valencia) and lost out in the Copa Del Rey final to Barcelona. Did manage to beat Real on the way to the cup final, though. Nothing special, except for the almost farcial penalty taking by both teams:

I did manage to win the UEFA Super Cup though, winning 3-2 against Chelsea. Aguero (I think?) scored a 65-yarder after Cech came up to my penalty area for a corner. Sold Luis Garcia to Real Madrid for £20m, and spent that money on strengthening the team. Best signing I made was Waldo Ponce for around £3m. Fucking legend, he is. Scores from corners, gets high average ratings, doesn’t really make mistakes. Solid. Hell, he scored an own goal for me and managed to get a 7 at the end of the match! Strange, really.

Also bought Carlos Vela and Cristian Zaccardo, cost me about £25m for the both of them. Both of them (Zaccardo in particular) took a season to really settle in, although Vela did perform well enough for me to start picking him over Aguero as my first-choice striker.

Didn’t do much else for the remainder of the season as I once again finished 4th and was eliminated from the 5th round of the Copa Del Rey by Real Madrid. Second season in a row I met them at the same exact stage. Not as fortunate this time though.

My third season was more of the same domestically — drawing far too much, losing games I shouldn’t have lost, the usual. However, I did manage to win the Champions League (hm.. success in Europe but none domestically, where have I heard that story before?) which was, frankly, an incredible result, beating Inter 2-1 in the final. Was really fortunate to even reach the final though, what with having to rely on away goals to get past both Bayern and Chelsea.

Got knocked out of the Copa Del Rey early on, never even challenged for the league title, same ‘ol same ‘ol. I signed Lucas from Tottenham (who bought him from Liverpool) for a cool £15m and he instantly slotted into my first team. Zaragoza offered Matuzalem to me for free, so I snapped him up. Bought a promising regen ‘keeper for about £25k and signed a couple more youth players. Made my move to complete the legendary Chilean Brickwall by signing Arturo Vidal for £2m (him and Ponce are the best £5m I have ever spent in any FM/CM game. EVER.) and got Benoit Costil for around the same price. Was looking at Ustari or Arenas, but they’re South American, and I don’t fancy losing both my first- and second-choice ‘keepers to badly-timed international matches. The Vidal purchase was partly due to my sale of Pablo to city rivals Real Madrid for £10m (yeah, he followed in Luis Garcia’s footsteps).

He actually became my first-choice ‘keeper over the season. Had a wonderful first season, named as first choice keeper in both the Primera Division Team of the Season and the UEFA Champions League Dream Team. Vidal and Ponce also showed up in said awards, as expected. Vela was also massive for me during my third season, playing wonderfully throughout the season and banging ’em in with frightening regularity. Worth the £15m, definitely.

Couldn’t win the UEFA Super Cup for the second year running though, losing to Milan on penalties after Reina had a massive match in goal for Milan. I didn’t sign many players over the summer, my only significant purchase being signing Sunny on a free from Valencia. That and a nice regen left-back from Sociedad. A bit slow and not a good marker, but I feel that he’ll be able to improve. Also signed Clarence Seedorf from Milan for £600k. Why, I don’t know. Thought he’d make a nice tutor, but I can’t get any of my players to learn from him. Whatever.

The season started very brightly, not conceding for around 10 matches or so. Didn’t always win, but always was solid at the back. The team started to play really well in the middle of the season, and didn’t have any difficulty winning the Club World Championship, trouncing Chivas 4-1 in the final.

Hit a real patchy run of form after that, though — players couldn’t score to save their lives. Didn’t actually lose any more than 2 matches, but drew a lot, and those draws probably killed off any chance I had of challenging for the title. However, I found it extremely fun that my team “did an AI” and won a game with a penalty in the 83rd minute and a soft goal in the 92nd (after trailing 2-0 at halftime) and stole a point at the Bernabeu with a Maxi Rodriguez goal in the 94th minute. Haha. Sweet. Picked up a promising Mexican regen striker in the January window, but didn’t do much else. Managed to somehow win the Copa Del Rey though, beating Valencia 2-0 in a solid performance. The match before that (a 2-0 away win at Mallorca) seems to have really got me going though (perhaps some slight tactical tweaks also contributed), as my team have now won 5 games in a row, conceding only one.

Currently in 2nd in the Primera Division, with Real Madrid behind me only on goal difference (we drew both times we met), so we have to win our remaining 3 matches, or hope that Real fuck up (preferably both). 2 home games in the 3 final ones though, so I’m optimistic.

Here’s the current league table:

And here’s that promising Spanish regen ‘keeper (who nearly everyone is interested in now):

And the Mexican forward:

And that Spanish left-back:

I may not see these players develop though, as I feel like buggering off to somewhere else after the season ends. We’ll see.

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  1. tuncinss
    Mar 24, 2008 at 22:11

    hello nice post. can you also tell us your fm skin. it looks pretty good. thanks

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